The Future Of The Lodge

We have prepared possible set of futures for the Arts Lodge. OK, we admit we're biased, but see how things stack up

The Arts Lodge

The Council

We are Portsmouth's only arts centre who pay for the privilege of the position

Would have to pay for an arts centre themselves or blame 'austerity' for not providing one

We want to allow everyone to be able to use and enjoy the Arts Lodge

The council wants to make the Arts Lodge an elderly person's cafe

Will continue to contribute the top commercial rent to the Council

Will receive no income from the commercial rent

Will pay for the running of the Arts Lodge from the cafe, events, artistic works and many more ventures

Will subsidise the running of the cafe from council tax payers

We will always be unique and innovative enterprise

Will be one of four similar day centres, two of which are only a few hundred yards away

Court Case Funding

In order to fight the rather flimsy case that has been presented, it will cost us. It will cost you too as the council will use tax payer money to fund their fight. 

We will be setting up a crowd funding campaign to help fund the solicitors bill. Please help us by joining our project to raise the money we need to win the case.