Petition Comments

Just some of the wonderful comments that people have made when signing the petition. Thank you everyone for your support. 

Name Comment
Penny Foskett We had a lovely May Day celebration there and would hope to again. Is this the same council that wanted to close the purpose built day centre for the elderly in Cosham?
Ian Love Another pointless cut by Donna Jones which will end up costing us tax payers more.
Sue Castillon This vital community arts project and cafe has saved the council thousands of pounds,over the years
Jon Woods This is a wonderful resource for the community.
Jennifer Borel It's such a lovely, soulful place and the council will destroy it.
Lily Anderson Im signing this petition because we need this very important community resource in our city of Portsmouth to be available to the local community. They have covered and continue to cover a very wide range of activities related to the Arts and the Environment for children and adults of all ages. It would a great looks to the city should this centre be denied to our community, I don't even want to think of this possibility. Keep it open!!!!!!
Michelle Lincoln This is a great INDEPENDENT space run for the good of the local residents and visitors, and not shareholders
Ver Wagner The city of Portsmouth needs to be for everyone not just the 1%
Janet Ayers This building would not be suitable for just elderly people, as the access is not good. There is also no parking. Please leave it as The Art House
jane athron I want to keep the Arts Lodge.........
Daniel Cooke I love this place and what the people their do. Would be a shame if council get other people in to destroy the place.
Grant Scott Had good times here, would hate to see it go.
Kirstie Larsen "who ever is behind this is seriously flawed. They really should not be left with any powers on the city council. "
Shirley Youd "It has been run by the same people for many years. A place for all people, all ages, very diversified. Ive sat with family in the cafe, been to a party. Grandkids using their sit on rides and other occasion used their bar with adult freinds. I have sat snd knitted and viewed art. It should be kept for everyone just as it is. Don't ruin it by putting it into the wrong hands, people that have no experience of this well restored building. It should remain the same as it is now and that is loved. Not many can love a building as much as the current leaseholder has. Would new owners respect the building? I think not. "
George Hart This place is amazing and MUST stay alive inPortsmouth
Scott Jowett I've run various workshops through the Lodge Arts Centre working with various vulnerable groups. I have volunteered on numerous projects working with young people through the Lodge Arts Centre. I have performed at numerous events and fundraisers put on in Victoria Park by the Lodge Arts Centre. I learnt the meaning of community engagement and spirit at the Lodge Arts Centre. It's an invaluable asset to our city. I would rather chain myself to the gates than see it closed.
Gayatri Kelford It's a beautiful, peaceful part of the city and its very much required! There are plenty of day services around, young and old benefit from the lodge, why start banding around limitations?!
Silvi Vee This is Portsmouth's only art centre and community space and it is run at no cost to Portsmouth City Council. In fact, it saves them money! To say that the move by PCC not to renew the lease is short-sighted, is an understatement; it is a ridiculous move for no good reason. Please help all you can to Save The Arts Lodge!
judith lancaster Its a wonderful place to go to for children & adults. Please don't take it away.
Mark Lewis I'm signing because..... Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! viva la lodge x
Richard Measey Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority
steven mead I wish this facility to be allowed to continue
martin Jervis The Arts are already underfunded, so keeping this delightful Art space is a must, and its cheap for local Artists to hire
Jasmine Jones Such a lovely place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of town with amazing staff and beautiful art work!
Clare Hill We need to keep this unique arts centre, with all its history!
Tim Needham I believe in inclusive communities
Katie Prest It would make me so sad to see it go, places like these are absolutely necessary in big cities and so very hard to come by. Don't take away a real gem :)
Debra Couzens The lodge is a beautiful building and offers variety of arts and crafts to young people in the city ... Much needed venue !!
jamie gosse To show my disappointment at PCC's actions
susan maylott it is part of the life of Victoria park an important old building and needs protection used by the community Portsmouth city council seam to want to destroy anything old in Portsmouth and if they cant make money from it we cant have it J ust listen to what the people want for a change.
Katie Danvers This place is a fabulous addition to the city centre park and is unique. The council should be proud of the art lodge's contributions to community, and work to support business. Is this council just giving lip-service to community needs? It would appear so.
Julie Houghton Don't let the council destroy this wonderful haven. Few places serve ALL the community like this does.
Christopher Jeffery I am signing because if the Council close this place down it will a very sad loss to the community with everything they do and offer to the public.
Angela Godley lm sorry l love the elderly why sacrifice such a beautiful place to give the elderly a day centre when there is so many other places
Ben de la Salle This lodge provides a vital space for many and great community services. In a time when commerce and busy lives divides our community and even families, space like this is needed to remind us we are part of something bigger and more beautiful than the rat race or daily troubles
Shanine Collins "I'm signing because this is outrageous to be taken away from those who created and built this community art lodge! I feel disgusted that this could happen and we need to stop this and allow it to remain as it is and continue to grow and continue and work with the community and not allow such injustice! Those who are doing this within the council should have a good look in the mirror and ask themselves their motives! Greed and power! Think of all of the people who are helped by the lodge and those life's that are touched, don't allow this to be taken away from People who care - please !!!!!!!!!!! "
Paula guest It makes no sense to change this to a centre for the elderly! People of all ages should be able to benefit from using this wonderful space in the heart of the city. Portsmouth Council should renew the lease for the Art and Soul Traders - they did develop the site back from near deriliction after all!!
sarah courtney Because this is a great place for arts and the person running this has put his heart and soul to get this to what it is. Plus this building would not of been used if was not for the person sorting. Also this can and helps children and others. So closing this is surely not a good thing.
karen griffiths We need more social enterprise, not less.
Vicky Sills We use the centre.
Rauli Ojanpera "I need that lodge! You need that lodge! Everybody needs that lodge! The Arts Lodge is a part of a park... it's one of the main reasons to visit in Victoria Park!!"
Sally Tonkin The arts lodge is such an amazing community hub for music and art. Why on earth would you want to close it down.
Marie Jolley These guys have spent years putting their heart and soul into the arts and soul of the lodge. So many would miss the benefits if it were to close. Myself included. Long live the lodge!
david Lemon The lodge is a fantastic place I visit frequently the staff are friendly if the council take it over they will probably just close it or build a housing complex the building has a great historic life and tells a story and the recent years of community life it has had would be a shame to lose, I think it is disgusting that the council are trying to close it down.
Yvonne Brailsford It's a fantastic 'not for profit' enterprise.
Meg wood I want to protect this unique social venue and I don't believe it's use should be changed
Tina Signorelli The Arts Lodge is a haven of tranquility for both young and old. It provides an engaging environment where people from all walks of life can share their passions and interests allowing for a more culturally diverse experience for all.
Jon Scammell I've visited the Arts Lodge on several occasions whenever I've been back to Portsmouth. It's a unique and important facility for the local community.
sophie saunders We need to keep the lodge
Pamela Neil A little oasis within a beautiful park, promote it better for more customers
Anni Bury The lodge must stay with Art & Soul Traders!!
jenni jones Why would you not renew the lease - this place is the life and soul of the park! Preserve Pompeys arts and culture, enough Starbucks already!
Meg Janes This is such a marvellous and valuable community resource, it would be awful to lose it. What are PCC playing at? They appear to be systematically destroying Portsmouth. Donna Jones claims to have no knowledge of this threat of closure- what kind of leader doesn't know what's happening in her own council?
Sarah Mcnally We want this building to stay for the community who love it and the rest of portsmouth
Debbie Silk I've had experience of the work mark Lewis does. It is a valuable service. We are losing all the parts of Portsmouth which are so good & needed
Simon Dignam The lodge is an asset to the community.
Kerry Hodgkins I have been going to the lodge for the past 16 years and it will be sadly missed! It brings character to the park with affordable gorgeous light refreshments at very reasonable prices.
catharine chappell Because this little lodge contributes far more to the wellbeing and happiness of local citizens than any local authority could ever do.
Marjorie Bye I love this place Mark has helped so many if us through his art projects. The city of Portsmouth needs this little place as a hub for creativity.....
Tania Emery It is really important to support community developed and based enterprises. These enterprises come from the communities they serve and provide employment and support opportunities for many.
Kevin Childs i love this place
Kerry Hughes The lodge is a beautiful place that offers so much support to the community. It would be a tragic event if it was no longer running as it is, a loss for Portsmouth people that love it!
Darren Pannell Another selfish move by fat cats with no morals. How dare you.
Ann Jones It is a haven to me
peter Spencer I am sure Pompey can prioritise their expenditure to save this gem. You start throwing out art you might as well start burning books
Fleur Dobbin Please keep lodge its beutfull dare my girls and i ❤️ It X
Leon Hayles It's the right thing to do
scott moores This place is an asset to the portsmouth area. People not profit !!
valerie noble "I am sick to my back teeth of this council destroying anything and everything that makes this great city unique, beautiful and of interest to the people who live and work here, let alone the many visitors all in the name of austerity or progress "
Suki Jones Do not let our council turn this city into a city of knuckle dragging philistines !!!!
Barry Rutter This is an amazing facility for the people of Portsmouth and must not be allowed to go.
Terri F We need to support independent businesses and particularly community projects.
Emma Kelsall This is a well used community venue. It should not be taken away. Too many of our services are being cut in the name of so called austerity. Time to stop and look at where money is being wasted.
Clif White This is a massive asset to the people of Portsmouth. The Harbour school use it annualy to exhibit the young peoples photographic achievements. The lodge is just a lovely creative environment
Nicola Newman My daughter for years used the lodge with her drama group weekly. It's a fantastic place and is a massive part of the atmosphere in Victoria park.
Melissa Warlow Do not shut down something that is so special and unique about Portsmouth. You are taking away the culture of our city. Probably replacing it with another Costa. Very disappointed
Simon Dignam The lodge is the only venue of its type in portsmouth it has been a great asset for many years , please save
sara robins I love the lodge
Graham Stoakes It is important for the local community
Jessie Green Portsmouth council need to stop taking brilliant independent places down. It's a lovely place where all can meet, very reasonable price and friendly.
Cristian Lopez It has been a good cause since the lodge opened doors, for artist, friends etc. Why attack the less advantage, why not oppose the big fishes?
Paul goodall This is a great little venue leave it the fuck alone !!!!!
Jani Franck Community run and funded spaces give people ownership over their spaces and save the taxpayer a lot of money. The Lodge is truly unique to Portsmouth and would be a sad loss.
Claire Udy "My nan comes here every weekend just to have a sandwich and enjoy the view. She's going pretty senile as it is, and I fear if this place shuts down it may just kill her. Rocky has put his heart and soul into this place, and we cannot let the council do this. "
Dan symmons It's a great place for the community to enjoy. It's part of the parks history and will be lost to just elderly people using it
Greg We need to keep our community servers alive.
john norrish I've been there and it is quirky and beautiful, so hard to find such things these days.
Caroline Mcginley The cafe is a brilliant venue with lovely food and a good atmosphere. Why do we need another sole less starbucks
Sally-Marie Bartlam-Hawes We have day centres all over the city, with one not far from the park already. What Portsmouth doesn't have is anything like the Art Lodge.
Carla Sanders It's a great place and it's totally unecessary to knock it down.
Laura Smith Oh please don't close this!!!! Truely unfair horrible decision!!!!
gaby winning This place should stay it's a beautiful place for all sorts of things, coffee cakes art and a great music venue
Laura Stanley It's an outrage. Southampton encourage artistic trends, all Portsmouth do is build one bed flats for students. Money, money, money. ENOUGH!!! We need some form of outlet for our future generations. Keep your mucky, greedy mitts off of this charming, piece of history.
Carine Wood "The lodge is a wonderful space amidst the busy city. It deserves to continue as it is. Shame on you Portsmouth City Council! There must be somewhere else you could use for the elderly. Portsmouth needs art and culture desperately! A once resident of Portsmouth, Southsea & North End"
Bernadette Pamplin There are plenty of unused spaces around Commercial Road that look terrible. It would be so much better to rejuvenate one of those rather than uprooting a hardworking, independent business that's put so much time into the community. Its these sorts of business you should support. Appalling decision Portsmouth Council. Shame on you.
Sam Bream The building contributes to the community - The council leaders are scum
Maddie Millett Places like this and the people that run them are a hugely important resource. They need recognition and support not closing down!
Patricia Ahearn Leavd the 'Soul' in Vicky Park.
Charlene williams "It has been a wonderful place with great artful opportunities for all..I support the Arts lodge in all its endeavours and the concept is beautiful. All to often caring and loving creative ideas for the benefit if we the people and our communities are supperseeded by ''better'' projects with little public gains.. Please support us to make our planet a better place in which we love each other instead <3 All in favour if Arts Lodge In Portsmouth say I....I xxxxx Charlee... Lyricist Vocalist, Events Organisor, Creative Artist, Concept & Commission Headwear Producer & Light Worker xxxx "
Daniel Williams I love the arts lodge
julie austen So much of are heritage has been demolished. Beautiful houses along havant road Drayton to make way for old people apartments. This place is beautiful tourist love places like this .
John Price Community and arts projects will ALWAYS make our city a better place to live
Gary Wood I am a regular user of the art lodge and it is a valuable part of the communities art and culture.
Jacob Coates It's a key part of our community
Debbie green I use the lodge for coffee and lunch, have helped friends have art exhibitions here, have bought unique paintings from other artists - there is nothing like the lodge anywhere it is so special. Its an oasis amongst the noise and chaos and such a valuable resource to the creative people of Portsmouth who want something different to what the town centre offers. Everybody is welcome here so why have a day centre it makes no sense.
Liz Batten People who invest this much in their community should be given proper protection to continue to do their good work
Melanie Turbill The Arts Lodge makes people smile. Simple. It works and it this happens because of a wonderful team of personalities that are passionate about community and art. PLEASE let this remain, as little havens like this are few and far between, especially in the city of Portsmouth. In fact I know not of another place like it. Keep it and let the team work at will as they are doing a grand job.
Graham Petrie Such a lovely space as it is, why change what doesn't need improving? So often the council seem to be juxtaposed to most things I hold dear, makes me wonder who they are representing?
martyn constable We need to keep art spaces
Sam Packer Typical Portsmouth council halting progress and growth of small businesses and the bettering of communities, if it isn't Gun wharf Quays they don't care.
Pete fincham It's not like Portsmouth is blessed with too much like this. Keep it open and let the arts grow
Kate Buxton " I work with adults with learning disabilities and take them there on a regular basis. The art lodge is the only place in the city which provides the services it does.. Why close it down , where else will people go to find these services !!! This is a unique environment where the arts can be enjoyed in a natural environment!! "
kelly wainwright Absolute disgrace to shut this friendly and fabulous building down. I enjoy taking my children there when using the park as the staff are extremely polite and welcoming. Don't get that in your Costa coffee shops etc. The local artwork on display is fantastic and to shut this beautiful venue down shows me how selfish and out of touch Portsmouth city council are with real people. Shame on you, it's a disgrace
Jules Pettitt I'm signing because the Art Lodge like Victoria Park is a hidden treasure and community point of contact. Portsmouth communities need projects like this.
Darren Gray Its a fab place for all ages:-)
Maggie McQuoid Mark has worked very hard to get this place going. PCC should not be able to steal it from him for their own greed!
hugh Gregory Its a great place warm friendly and an asset for the city
Daniel Smith Because it's a great place.
Michelle Morgan The arts lodge is one of the best and most valuable venues in Portsmouth and cannot be closed by soulless, thoughtless councillers!
Roy Hanney Portsmouth City Council have failed to provide Portsmouth with an arts centre and the Arts Lodge is one of the very independent arts initiatives in the City, it is self funding provides jobs and adds to the cultural landscape. It should not be allowed to go!!!
Phillip Chinn It's a lovely place, and should be left to be run by people with passion. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Just leave it alone.
Sarah Major I love the Lodge!
Victoria Hulatt This place is needed and does a magnificent job
Kevin Cuckow This is a place where adults and their children can gather and relax in a very idyllic spot in a sometimes noisy and very busy city.
Alsion Coote The Lodge is an amazing community resource
Sue Portman At a time when the Council is doing such great work with the Hotwalls project, how can it now decide that this beautiful, much loved enterprise should be shoved out in favour of something that already exists nearby? The Arts Lodge has been instrumental in bringing Victoria Park back into the heart and soul of the community. Seriously, what are you thinking??
Dave Woolley "This would be great loss to the local Area . No reasons issued is again just odd and really unfair . Seems underhand . The guys deserve better . "
Bruce Jarvis Because this is the best use of the cafe and dose a good job
Deborah Pye The lodge is a vital part of our city.
Chris Abbott "This is obviously a facility that is important to many people in Portsmouth including those like myself who are pensioners Although I no longer live in the city but visit regularly I was obviously mistaken in thinking that Portsmouth Council had become more progressive and open in their thinking !!!"
Sophie Branson This is a travesty! The Lodge has been a welcome part of the Art community in Portsmouth for many years now and shouldn't be brushed aside on a whim or on a vendetta.
Andrew Robertson We need this arts space in Portsmouth ! Once it's gone , it's gone forever . Do t be silly Portsmouth council , and stop being sly! Concentrate on spending the last of your budget( so it doesn't get cut ) on resurfacing the roads again !!! Shame on you
Maggie Sawkins This is the only real Arts Centre in Portsmouth. Somewhere that people on low or no income can go to make and appreciate art.
Jade Xuereb The arts lodge is a wonderful place great atmosphere run by talented, warm locals who genuinely care and try for the community it hosts many activities and works with local groups such as the waste not want not cafe providing food cooked with food waste. There is not a lot in portsmouth i am proud of i couldn't care less about a bunch of idiots following a ball around a pitch but having such an ethical, forward thinking, soul balancing, cathartic arty place makes portsmouth a beautiful place.
Kelly Tomlinson This is the most amazing space for everyone, so welcoming and well used and being run currently as not for profit for the good of Portsmouth community. I cannot imagine any better use and would be devastated if this space was changed to be available to only one group. Intergration of communities is so important, we all need this space!!
clair cusack Have always used the cafe, it is an independent company please do not close it, will be such a loss for a lot of people
Natalie Earwaker The People of Portsmouth benefit from the Arts Lodge as it is. Please don't take away this unique resource.
mrs jolene griffiths Because this little place is full history, culture and art from Portsmouth, getting rid of this would be a devastating loss for Portsmouth
Simon Flannery This doesn't make any sense that they should want to get rid of this little jewel!!!!
Jennie Rogers These places are very hard to find and they give so much pleasure to people.
Rashid Mussa Everything is 'change' everywhere, but why not let this be, all it already is. Heritage.
Janet Stoakes-Hampe I want to keep the venue as it is
Margaret Barnett I like the arts centre in Victoria Park and believe it is an asset to Portsmouth
George Sprackling I'm for the future not the past, stop taking all the fun away.
trevor leppard we support a small growing artist community who pop in and out ,To exchange ideas, support one another . Be it in paint ceramic or music . A nice cafe in which to talk . Infact expanding the site would be better , So please don't close it
Heather Webb Because I believe that this is an inportant community space in Portsmouth.
Alex Counsell The lodge has always been a breath of fresh air in the park, run out of love and passion not love for profit. Keep it open at all costs!
krishna fifield Alot of hard work.has gone into this beautiful place ..with people's heart and soles x
Elizabeth Davies This is an important venue for culture and the community. Portsmouth City Council need to think again as they have clearly under-estimated the strength of opposition.
Jude Jones In times of austerity the arts are always the first to be sacrificed. It's rather praiseworthy that Portsmouth CC has continued to support the Arts Lodge till now. However, its present decision demonstrates that its commitment is superficial - a day centre is politically much safer than an arts centre, even when there seems to be no genuine advantage in doubling up day care for the elderly in the city centre. People need art and they need access to arts activities. Please rethink your plans and ensure that the Arts Lodge can renew its lease.
sue weston The Arts Lodge is a fantastic creative hub located right in the heart of Portsmouth
Vienna crimes No doubt there are some backhanders involved. Save the the Arts Lodge and set up day care for the elderley somewhere else.
Valeria Dammicco I'm signing because the Lodge is the only community art place in Portsmouth!!!! Don't take it away from me, from all of us!
Lee arthur I think the art lodge is a great little place to go and relax as it is a great little venue for intimate little gigs. Local artists and bands can showcase there talent . It's lied by many so please save thes rare and great place . It's hard to come across privately owned venues that are run in passion these days . Everything is owned by a corporation and has no soul . This place however is full of character that has been built on a passion .
adrian harland One of the only interesting places in Portsmouth. Such an important venue
Katy Prowse I am signing because I believe the Art Lodge & Cafe has a valued place in the Portsmouth community. To lose it would be a tragedy.
Jane Linford It's in a park not a community centre, people of all ages use the Park Cafe. The city should promote community projects, not take them away.
Thelma Matthewson It has always and still is a wonderful, individual and independent resource for the city.
rowan dykewood This beautiful space is needed by the people of Portsmouth
Suzanne Illidge "I am not against a day care centre for elderly but it makes no sense to close an exsisting established arts facility that contibutes & enriches the local community for it. Surely a better, bigger building should be found for day centre with bigger space for kitchen facilities & disabled facilities/access? "
Sarah Borland The Arts Lodge is a wonderful independent run business who contribute so much to our community. Taking it away in favour of a Starbucks or student halls would be a massive knock to the city.
Louise Rathmill G
Rob Waight The Art Lodge is currently attracts all age groups, why spoil something that works? This is very poor judgement on the part of PCC.
Peter Wright This is a unique and vibrant facility in the heart of the city of great value to all, young and old alike. The loss of the Arts Lodge would be to no purpose other than to reduce the cultural richness and diversity of the centre of the city.
Gabby Loew I've had so many memories of this place and would hate to see it go :(
edward emmett we need place like this,do not terminate their lease.
sally pryderi The lodge is a wonderful resource for diverse groups and activities.
Raychelle Nolan I love this place always have.
Adam Green I support the lodge as a community hub that is a much needed part of the community
Denise Taylor It's a much used valuable space in a congested city
lee rey-ient We need to maintain art and culture in this city.
jeanne duquenne I'm signing because this is a place like no where else & a very useful community art center !
Eve Davenport I love this place!
roger carter The Arts Lodge has been an inspired idea THAT WORKS! It demands to remain out of its great virtues!
Clare Rozzell This closure is a disgusting way to treat the lodge, they provide a much needed local community facility and the way this is being done is underhand.
Daniel Hawkins This is good for the Portsmouth Community.
Paul Shawyer The Arts Lodge is a community space where many friends have been involved, putting in a great deal of effort and free time. To close this space would be a great loss of enjoyment to many people. Please keep it funded. Kind Regards, Paul
Jim Craise Enough leave the nice bit's alone.
Danielle Rohan Don't let big business ruin Portsmouth!
Danella Collins My friends and family worked hard to build the lodge and use the lodge a great deal. Be a tragedy to see it disappear.....
Steven Willett The arts lodge is an iconic destination within Portsmouth and should remain as one.
Jodi Fawkes It's a lovley place to go into when you take the children to the park they also do fantastic food and staff are all very friendly
Lynn Thompson "places like this are so needed in Portsmouth. "
valerie budd The Arts Lodge has been an important part of our lives. We have moved away now, but will never forget the support and encouragement given to local and budding artists. The Lodge is an integral part of the community's substance! Do not destroy this gem!
amanda miller I've had to many memories there to let anyone take it away.
Roberto Dammicco "No alla privatizzazione dei luoghi pubblici. "
Wendy King There is no reason other than greed for the council to interfere.just leave the Lodge and it's volunteers alone unless it is to offer funding.
valerie budd The Lodge has supported local artists and provided a venue for art displays, activities connected with Art and has been and should remain an integral part of the City of Portsmouth. Do not destroy this asset, you will never get it back!
Tony Rollinson I'm signing this petition because this is one of the most important spaces in Portsmouth. Non-profit, but of profit to the hearts, eyes, ears, noses, fingers and senses of young and older people alike in the fair city of Portsmouth. The Arts Lodge have a SPECIAL group of people who have developed this site and who are THERE for EVERYONE in this city, or who visits. We should be REWARDING them, not looking to close them down.
Art House The Arts Lodge was the inspiration behind our arts centre here in Southampton. These places are often undervalued by the powers that be.
Angela Came I attend the arts lodge on a regular basis.
Alex Mursell Ive met some amazing people here and had some good times. Ive learnt a lot and seen many inspiring performances. To close would be a great shame and loose a substantial part of the Portsmouth art scene.
John Scriven Portsmouth is hardly overflowing with Art-based venues. I've visited the Lodge as member of the audience as well as poet & musician - it must remain as a jewel in the community.
natalie connor Save the lodge
JOANNE WHEELER A great place for the community, be a sad day if closed.
Nic Barnard As a former long-time Pompey resident, I urge you not to close this important facility.
Michelle Gray It's such a fab place!
Rachel Couchman It's something beautiful that I look forward to seeing when I visit Portsmouth and Southsea.
Alison Head It would be a great shame to lose the lodge afetr the hard work of all involved to make it a thriving community arts and cafe.
Alan Holloway It's a lovely place to visit and an oasis in a busy city.
Jackie Lederer I agree with all of the comments here. It is a wonderful place to go with children and adults and the council will be doing the people of Portsmouth a disservice by not renewing the lease. Please sign and share to get as many signatures as possible.
Jacqueline Tucker They do an incredible amount of work in the community work that is not funded by the council and without them would have not been done
David Gale "It's existing usage is giving exceptional value for money and providing a very special and needed facility for all. To turn it into an elderly day care will cost a huge amount to change And run. John pounds centre is just down the road. "
chris wood The closure of the Lodge is outrageous ! Surely if a day care centre is needed then a purpose built solution would be a better for all.
Suzette Suzette yes Grrr - how dare the council try and close down the lodge that supports and does so much for the community . Xx
Trisha Patten It's a wonderful and beautiful place in the central part of Portsmouth old and young use it don't take it away
Ilaria Fazzini Beautiful place, friendly people, art centre.
Clare Seek This is a great asset to our city and a great first impression of our culture, vibrancy and independence as visitors arrive to visit Gunwharf Quays and the Historic Dockyard. Surely there are other cafes and sites that could provide employment opportunities for adults with learning disabilities, which need new life breathing into them...this is not the site!
Natasha Alladin-Johnston The Lodge is a brilliant facility for the local community
Nayla Jervis This little treasure needs to be kept because the local people of Portsmouth use it and enjoy the facilities. It fits perfectly in Victoria Park and benefits many families including myself. So much effort and passion goes into the running of this Lodge. I will be outraged if it no longer exists. It's about time the local Council listened to us for once.
M Bradley "Stop the big fat brown council envelopes. "
Joanne Amorello it's a haven for my daughter and I who have anxieties. This place is awesome and to take it away would be devastating!!!
Susan rogers It's a lovely period building which serves the community PLEASE DONT Take another piece of our past .
Adam Withers Great intimate venue. Not many places like it!
Alex Doyle The lodge is a brilliant example of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Has anyone considered how the access requirements for a daycare centre will be addressed? Minibus parking and emergency vehicle access on a busy road junction will be a nightmare.
Paul Wright This appears to be a poorly thought out scheme replicating facilities that are already provided nearby.
Imola Malicski Stop destroying the beauties of Portsmouth!! Save the Lodge!
Donna Carter I have seen what they have done from the start to the end so much hard work and such a Beautiful place to sit and have lunch well done everyone that has helped
Andy Major In support of the Arts in our City closing this facility would be a huge mistake
Kerry Bartell The Council is slowly taking away things which affect ' Joe Public ' what right have they to do this??????
Pete Austin Disgraceful attempt to use the legitimate needs of disabled people to destroy a thriving community hub. Portsmouth Council should find a plan b that helps both groups.
Sally Berkeley We demand that Portsmouth City Council allow the Arts Lodge to continue providing excellent service to the community and that the lease should be protected for future generations.
Kate Kerr We have little enough of these places, build more don't take what little we have!!
Kelly Jane Hickman "The arts lodge is a brilliant innovative long term project which provides a safe and creative space for all ages on a not for profit basis. To force it's closure would be an act of cultural and community vandalism. "
kim shelley Fantastic place
Rosemary Lavender I enjoy it at the art house and love the quirkiness of the place! It's great to be able to play the instruments with friends.
Derek Clark It's a superb venue that's always put to good use!
Jamie hartt Such a shame. Age segregation doesn't work; You can't teach respect to the elderly without interaction with the elderly.
Jason Webster They have given a social & public service at this venue for years. Helping children & old people in the park. The venue was left derelict for years with the council doing nothing. The current people have spent a lot of their free time with many other people contributing to make it what it is today.
Jeanette Wilday It's a fantastic venue!! Leave it be
Alexandra Russell The Arts Lodge is an invaluable space for local arts activities - supporting some of the hardest to teach young people in the city.
Kimberly Barrett The council should be promoting the arts and culture in the city, not destroying it. Another example of the council being out of touch with what the residents want what with the Tea Trays mural in the last few weeks and now this!? Save our culture in the city and if the current culture team/councillors continue to be out of touch, perhaps they are in the wrong job and need to vacate their positions!.....
sophie symmons It's vital to keep places that urge creativity.
Glyn Oliver Tories - keep your greedy hands off our communities and our culture.
Caroline Brown This is such a unique place and should be kept as it is - as a cafe and art centre. It has soul and reflects the spirit of Portsmouth. It would upset me very much if it disappeared or was taken over and homogenised
Dilys Drackett For the reasons given in the explanation, old & young coming together in a nice environment.
Pauline Pierce There is not enough Arts and Crafts facilities in Portsmouth as it is, please don't take away what we already have!
paul millam Pompey is in my heart. And spaces like this are to be valued.
Charlotte Black I do not want this close !
Tracy Jacks The art lodge provides a community hub and sanctuary in a peaceful beautiful environment which has been kept upstanding and in lovely condition by mark and Co. The art lodge is a historical friendly environment, a place for growth and creativity and meeting friends.
darcy hart It's the best.
lorraine weyman it would be a tragedy to lose this place - the community needs it
Elaine Hamilton It needs to be kept.
Miriam Alcaraz-Stapleton Local community resource that is being shut down. Please sign to show that the community is not happy about the Tory councils' plans
Richard Tallack It is a facility for all the local community
Ian Travers This place offers a essential link with the community
Janette Childs places like these are few and far between and are needed
Alfie Emery I believe we should not lose out on an important part of our English culture. The arts are heavily important to us all, no matter what the age, we need this.
daren cooper we need more things like this in portsmouth it would be tragic to lose
Nadind Warren This should be here for the local people of Portsmouth
G anthony This is good thing for the people and Victoria park
Aliyah Norrish This is a wonderful community meeting space!
Jody Salt Its apalling to see places of creativity and community spirit closed down. It brings character and uniqueness to our city.
scott james its a lovely place one of the last remaining social hub in portsmouth its keeping people together and should not be turned into a corporation
Victoria Firman This is a wonderful place and very important to the local community.
clare brown we need places for likeminded people to meet together, to keep communities closer and bonded! Please keep!!!
dawn bagley "this is a lovely place should stay .lovely little piece of ground and environment why get rid , fast loosing our history and heritage "
Lucy A This business is an important social enterprise in the heart of Portsmouth, not something that can easily be replaced or restarted.
Laura Greest It's a great spot for small events. Keep local businesses!
Kimbo Slice Places like this should never fade into the distance, after visiting on a regular basis, i take pride in having a place like this in my area, i'll one day hope to take my kids to this exact place.
Bob Mills It's the right thing to do!
Philip Pearson This is a place worth saving...
Liz Linkins It's a lovely place and these centres run not for profit should be kept to encourage artists etc
melissa vogel a fabulous place it would be a huge loss to so many if you did not support its continuation
Emma boyett PCC need to stop throwing S*** at our only art centre and show support. That building was in ruin for decades until Mark came along, and now they want to take it away and reap the benefits of somebody elses hard work. Utterly shameful
Sarah Christie it is an amazing place to go and spend time....a social enterprise that is accessible to all.
Michelle Marquardt Love this venue, long may it continue to serve the community
Denise Callender The Art Lodge has for many years realised an inspiring vision to provide cultural opportunities to visual artists, musicians, caterers, filmmakers, IT specialists, games makers, animators, performers and actors to name a few. The opportunities offered to practitioners (young people, school, college and University students) have been vast and in many forms; employment, volunteering, indoor courses, outdoor displays with participation, concerts, exhibitions and events. I have witnessed a wide range of engagement to a broad and vast audience over the years from mothers and toddlers through to OAPs. Mark has done a terrific job on providing a cultural provision against economic adversity for a long period of time, which is highly valued by the community.
Philippa Seager This has been such an asset to everyone, young & old, since it's inception. The people running it have worked hard to create a unique place which has been a joy to visit. They have years of experience getting it right which would be wasted if this closes.
Martin Phippen "It would be a great loss to lose a great venue that brings so many good people together . Please keep this venue open"
John 1QN Mason I support the arts and would like to see more projects like this. It contributes to a genuine feeling of community in Portsmouth.
Ellie's Hayward It is a great party of the community already and well loved. Nothing needs to change.
dave bray Once again,the good old council cannot get anything right!!!
Gill Jones Another bad idea by PCC with no reason behind it!!!
Reg Yeates ~Why close a social hub in such gorgeous surrounding? think again PCC
George Joubert "The arts lodge has given me endless hours of enjoyment and has been a valuable asset to the community, used and loved by many it has given us a community area that I never thought possible and has been providing priceless entertainment and services for fractions of the cost of any business. Please don't take this away from me... I look forward to every moment I spend here... Don't destroy something so precious for such a worthless reason, Day centre for the elderly... It already does that... Plus... SO... MUCH... MORE! "
Wade Bennett This place is magic!
Robert Pettitt The Arts Lodge is an asset to this city
Janette Stokes This is a very important venue for the arts in Portsmouth
Wayne Taylor It's a great space in Portsmouth that's not run by a chain and it's a breath of fresh air
john francis "I love that little tea spot, it'll be a Starbucks over my dead body! "
Ana Correia I'm Portuguese and I had worked in this place for 3 mounths and it's a awesome place. Keep the park more dynamic with some parties and events. So please let me drink a coffee and eat a panini on the Art Lodge when I come back to Portsmouh!
Mel Mason It has been there for 16 years now let them stay
Lucy Preston It's a wonderful place the way it is. I thinking disgusting and blatantly money is involved!
Mel Mason It has been there for 16 years now let them stay
Moira Strickland "Something like this is unique is and is looked after by people who care about it, there seems to be another opportunity for the council to improve things for the elderly with the John Pounds Centre. "
linda evans The Arts are under funded but necessary to quality of life.
Eve Roberts I'm sure there are other venues that people with learning disabilities would be happy to use. Why move the well loved and much used lodge after all this time. Think again please PPC
Tracey Ward The Art lodge is unique, quirky and worth saving. The building has many limitations, as does its position, so it seems an inappropriate venue for an elderly day centre. The arts in Portsmouth have been undermined and underfunded for several years. Art is important. It brings light and colour into the lives of all ages. Please stop making the city grey
Fiona Woodhead I'm signing because we can't lose this welcoming and wonderful of the city without making our voices heard
Sharon Larkin Totally wrong decision by the council.
Lorna Burke This place sounds very valuable to Portsmouth and to its people. X
Paul Humphrey Why close something that is a proven success? Surely better that elderly people integrate with the whole community rather than be marginalised. In which case leave it as an Arts Centre and encourage participation from older residents.
Katharine Lock The arts are essential to our well being and ways shouldbe found to keep this Lodge
Paula Penvose I'm signing because I believe we do enough for the elderly in Portsmouth but not enough for the general population and I agree the john pounds is adequate for the elderly. Why ruin a perfectly good spot that can be enjoyed and appreciated by so many more age groups . It's a beautiful place , tranquil and out of the way ...which is great for the numerous and diverse events in which it provides. Please don't ruin a great thing !
smith deirdre It currently is being used well and should be left to carry on.
Jo Haynes Portsmouth arts lodge is a valued community resource used by all sections of our community. Builds inclusion and intergenerational relationships through art projects and facilities.
Simone Morton Not enough of these types of venue exist in the area.
Alison Sheppard I am signing because it offers a wide varity of food choices to suit different diets and it is one of the most prettiest places to eat in Portsmouth, it should definately stay.
Homiros Marques Choraitis "-I helped on building up this place! -It's an oasis in Portsmouth city! -An example for other public places to become like that!"
Kathy Cockcroft We should encourage local artists and allow people to demonstrate their artistic talents
Adrian Legg This is a great place and valuable community asset, long may it continue
Kate Ayliffe There are so few child-friendly spaces in or near Commercial Road - this is one of the few reasons I even bother to make the trip to the centre of town (I wouldn't drag my boy around the shops without somewhere for him to enjoy afterwards). If this closes, the centre will loose out on many family visitors.
Sharon Larkin Totally wrong decision :( what is wrong with this council? They are supposed to work for the people who elected them. I am disgusted with this decision.
Chris Braiden The Arts Lodge provides amazing services and opportunities for local people of all ages with limited funding, care and passion. Nothing provided by anyone else would come close to doing the same.
Martin Fido A wonderful place that helps so many other great causes and has a great local feel and support and is the best in Portsmouth by a long way.
Jay Groovara I'm signing this because I support the Lodge and the positive cultural impact it has had on Portsmouth, which would be a rather drab place without it. There is no sustainable reason for closing this venue down but I can see that their is profit motive behind all this. Do we need anything other than Art and Soul Traders here? By removing the Arts Lodge and turning it into some bland commercial endeavor for the "elderly" (eg: a Costa Coffee Outlet) will NOT solve the financial problems inherent in this city. Visitors coming to Portsmouth are not interested in seeing something they just saw in their home town, they come here because they want to see artistic and interesting places to visit, to become part of the greater community which has sprung up around the Lodge over the years. The council has NO AUTHORITY whatsoever to make this decision because the council is answerable to the citizens of Portsmouth and no one person or small minority within the council have any validity in this matter.
Anjalee Burrows This building is the very bones of The Arts Lodge. They have worked so hard to make it into a truly magical place that is a breath of fresh air to Portsmouth. They go out of their way to support the local community and I for one would truly miss this place if it was to go. This building is nothing without The Arts Lodge owners and vice versa.
Debbie McCarty Its one of the best bits about Portsmouth!!! Its projects like this that makes me proud to be from Portsmouth and the People of Portsmouth will lose out if projects like this don't exist any more.
James Waterfield This is Portsmouth's only Art centre and should be supported. It does not need funding from the council to support it, only a reasonable rent to Thrive. remember this building was derelict before the Art and Soul Traders took it over and it has won an award for its restoration.
Catherine Houghton Portsmouth City Council should be doing everything to support the Arts in Portsmouth. The Arts Lodge and Park Cafe is clearly a much needed and wanted resource by the local community. Why jeopardise what is working well and creating opportunities for all members of the community to access such an inspiring space which provides so much, for so many people.
Alida Bedford I want this place to remain open - it does so much for the community, and if it is for elderly people only, where will everyone else go?
Mary Eastman Whilst I agree that opportunities need to be provided for Adults with learning difficulties, there is already a provision in the library café that does this, it just doesn't seem right or fair to throw out the people that have been running the arts café when they have held the lease for so long.
Joshua Dunleavy I like to party here. great venue. and a lovely place for chillout tea and coffee.
Martin Elliott There's no history where I live. Preserve the history of my home land!!
Richard Throup Because this should not be sold off great little place
Natasha Coote Don't get rid of all Portsmouth's creative locations
Robyn Mcinerney Because this is stupid !!! Save the art lodge ! Stop ruining our community
heather cook another attack at the creative arts secto in Portsmouth , which the council say they support.!
Damion Beasley Ive known Rocky all his life show me someone more committed and so passionate about Art ,and its Free come on Portsmouth city council why not build an extention dont we need more people like this thank you
Mark Aston This is a much loved and unique centre of good vibes and smiles
Mark Aston This is a unique, much loved local focal point for good vibes and smiles.
Anthony Purchase It's a great little place, and provides a wonderful service.
david burrett A vital cultural asset must be preserved.
Janet Sampson It would be so short-sighted to terminate the lease on this wonderful haven.
danielle travis The lodge is awesome as it promotes creativity and regeneration!
Kelly Winkworth I don't want to see this building be taken away just like everything else in Portsmouth. Eventually there will be nothing left here.
Sue West-Thomas It is vital this building remains as an art space. There are sufficient empty buildings in Portsmouth that would be more suitable as a day centre.
Christine Kelly This is a lovely little building. When I used to go to Portsmouth I would always pop in there to look at everything the citizens of Portsmouth were able to show. We watched artists at work and joined in with their friendly banter. A very welcome place.
mark baxter Something we should be encouraging to add to the uniqueness of our city
Heidi Ogden This is a fantastic place for the city, great events and alot of time put into that lodge. It's areal community project and has raised loads of money for the city. Shame on you PCC.
Walter Dall'Omo This is a great space being used competently and to full potential by its current user, why can't people be left alone and not hasselled by the council all the time
Andy Halbert This is a great little place that provides refreshments, entertainment and a place for local artists and musicians to show their work. We need more places like this in Portsmouth b
Peter wren If you want another cafe...put it somewhere else!!
alison hulme It must stay open
Brandon Prince "I have been involved with the Lodge from the start, on an occasional basis, and made many friends through it. The council has removed toilets, hothouse, and the animal sanctuary would disgrace a concentration camp. There seems to be a personal vindictive campaign that demeans PCC. "
Andrew Mccarthy It would be a catastrophe if we lose this community hub for the arts and music scene in Portsmouth. As much as elderly people need a day centre, the younger generation also need facilities too.
Claire Checketts Why destroy a local business that does good in the community .
Tom Snell Insane venue!
Joedy Rose I am signing because Portsmouth needs all the culture it can get, Slowly the beauty of the place is being lost and replaced with the same things you can find everywhere. Don't try to fix things when they are not broken.
fabia bruni It is a lovely place to be, have a cup of tea and admire the pictures on the wall
Daniel Cook "It's pure lunacy to close a area for the support of creative arts. Here is a place where generations to meet, talk and create. John Pounds is up the road with purpose built facilities. For a city that wants to be a City of Culture, PCC seem to enjoy removing it from the city. "
Sam Shulman "Art and culture is important to the city. People need a place to be able to enjoy these things "
Joshua Evans I'm signing because of Art
Barb gamble It's a disgrace to lose such a facility
Chris Brown The Arts Lodge is a fantastic place and an asset to the community.
Helen Scarth This is an absolute disgrace!!
Robert dent It is important to keep this place for cultural resons
Sam Lyons The lodge is run mainly by volunteers for the people. Hands off PCC
WENDY POWELL PCC needs to get a grip & realise there aren't many places like the Lodge. It is a lovely place to visit for the young & old alike. Our community should not be denied the use of this successful, caring, friendly business. There are more than enough empty buildings that could be made into a centre for the elderly. Lets keep The Lodge where & how it is for all walks of life to enjoy - not just a percentage of our town. When the cash runs out it would only be closed down & left empty again!
Linda Jones "I value both the restful nature of the park and the communal spirit of the Lodge "
Eleni Norey "Don't shut down places that make people happy and expressive and creative and soulful... If you're worried about elderly people not knowing where to go, simply send them to the Arts Lodge and great things will happen. Trust. People love people. And if there's a great place (which the Arts Lodge is...) then elderly people will simply continue to go there and enjoy it. If you're worried about elderly people and where they go... just advertise these kinds of places more efficiently and you won't have to worry anymore... I don't even know why you'd bother shutting this place down... it's probably one of the best places in the whole of Portsmouth City. Seriously... what will elderly people actually ACHIEVE in the multiple ""Day Centers"" in and around Pompey - emotionally, spiritually, creatively - in a ""DAY CENTER"" for ""ELDERLY PEOPLE"" ... I think anyone who wants to shut down this kind of environment (that is, the environment of such a place as the Arts Lodge) is both/all/either bored, evil, or just completely stupid. Just don't bother... Expel your energy on making Portsmouth City a more creative, interactive, environmentally VIBRANT place. And finally, don't make old people feel old. They know it. They don't need reminding. THEY FEEL OLD AND A ""DAY CENTER - AKA PLACE FOR OLD PEOPLE"" Will most indubitably not make them feel anymore more happier or energised or anything. PEOPLE LIKE LIVING AND FEELING ALIVE... GET USED TO IT, MATE. "
jo knox Art and culture is so important to millions of people's lives. Without it, we wouldn't have the individualism we see in so many people. It also acts as a therapy to those who are troubled or sick.
Patrick Smyth We need more independant community friendly places like this. Its makes Victoria Park a more interesting place to visit too.
Susan Adeyemo A well loved facility in what used to be called The People's Park
Lisa Rose It's a lovely independent space.
vincent tiller Because the art centre is part of the community, which allows local artists an outlet for work.
kirsty thomas Stop taking everything good in this town away from us that live here!
gillian cawte Why change something that's good !!
Anthony Brown The Lodge is a great space for all sorts of reasons. It isn't broken, it costs the tax payers nothing. Portsmouth City Council does not need to fix it, even if they were capable. Their history of Arts projects does not exactly encourage any confidence. Leave it alone!
Rusty Sheriff Portsmouth needs its Arts. You cannot remove the lodge without real reason
Paul O Connor "The lodge is a vibrant arts centre and much needed attraction to the city. I have enjoyed many a good time in the space which was once derelict and overlooked. This sort of enterprise should be praised and supported by the council. Please change your decison and give the Lodge a long lease."
Harriet Scutt We cannot loose the lodge!
Eleanor Stapleton This is mean. The authorities are a bunch of meanies!
sue archer This building is more than just art and crafts; it's about community, mental health,identity and a place for people of all ages to just be.
David Aldred My friends love this place. What are you doing?!
Susan Elsdon .
Ann Lamb Places like this are important for the community.
Anisha Rixon its such a lovely place which many people enjoy going to !
Rob Dwyer It's important to the local community and the government is killing the communities off bit by bit with all of their "much needed" cuts
Amanda Fitton The Arts Lodge is really important as a community venue and there are not enough of those around where people can really be involved, of any age, not just one generation, separated from the rest
Lauren Purser This is an amazingly unique venue which needs to stay open
Kim Andrews Sad to see the arts being under-valued yet again.
Becky Colwell Have spent some lovely times there around good people! Please Save!
Genevieve Pine It's a great venue
christine gardner The arts lodge is and has been a great facility for people to meet and create all types of artistic endeavours in Portsmouth and would be sorely missed if disposed of by this council.
Lin Cowdrey This is a great place to have within the park.
Dave Brown Love the place and is agreat place to view local talents work and for socialising
Stanley Hood It's a great place, and a lovely part of the Portsmouth community!
Edward Lymn I've always enjoyed my visits there. Great venue. Be sad to see it go.
Sarah Read The Arts Lodge is a bright jewel in the crown of Victoria Park. It's a focus for families and people generally who need a quiet corner for reflection and appreciation of creativity. Leave it alone nasty councillors!
Scott Rowlands He's already doing good for the Community why not ask him to help the adults with learning difficulties not kick him out because you're selling every plot of land and buildings to the dam University
Lisa Digney The owner has saved it once from demolition and worked really hard over the years, he doesn't deserve it to be taken away from him!
Hilary Percival The Arts Lodge is currently there for all parts of the community and is a lovely setting for a drink and meal. Maybe not an ideal location for a day centre for the elderly.
karen kelly its a great place and a great space
suzy gage I work in Portsmouth and love this cafe so much, I used to take my children here when we lived in southsea & rather than serve notice why not work with the current tenants to offer opportunities to adults PCC have identified?
Steve conway It's an independent nonprofit Arts lodge used by the community run by the community. Leave it alone.
Sonia Vidal The Lodge is a great asset to the city. The creative economy cannot survive without small venues where artists experiment. Culture doesn't just happen! It needs to be nurtured. Be kind x
Jon Hurley It's part of Portsmouth heritage and a great venue for parties!
Melissa Healy This is a valuable community and should be use to its full potential supporting all ages. There are many other sites far more the patey centre....oh wait but this is closing down too! This is about making way for new road layout!!
Timothy Holloway It is important to preserve arts in the UK
Steven McGarrigle Arts and culture are important.
Chris Gardner The Arts lodge has been here for years, typical Portsmouth City Council close something down to which has been a service to the general public for years.
Ben bissett So we take away something that is in short supply and high demand (craft activities and good interaction space FOR ALL AGES) and replace it with another facility purely for the Elderly
Ruth Hounsome Any community centre, especially one that encourages the arts, deserves all the support it can get.
Rob Cole The tea and scones are blinding xx
Robert Dobson "It's a local amenity "
Kerry Bailey We need beautiful places like this, I have been to the lodge when I have visited from Southampton, where we don't have unique places like this. It's one of the many reasons I like to go for days out in Portsmouth. Don't lose it and become boring culture less place like Southampton! Please!
Tina O'Reilly "There has been so much input from the community over the years it would be a crying shame to close this venue. It's a space where people come to be together, to share and be part of something, where they feel they belong. "
Tara Knight We need arts and community accessible to all. Sending the hugest support to the arts lodge and all who are involved in it.
david thompson They provide all they do for free in the community, it's not all about making ,, Collins of refreshing in this day and age
Simon Stevens Come on Portsmouth Council, get your heads out of your backside and see the good and unique things that this centre provides to the community.
Brianne White I'm signing this because it's a beautiful peaceful place to go. We need to stop the council controlling Portsmouth. We are a city that is changing in a wonderful direction, Portsmouth is very versatile with its history, arts and multicultural community. Independent businesses need our support to continue thriving in this amazing city that is our home.
Stu Bryan Portsmouth needs venues like this
Helen Downing-Emms This is a fantastic community space brought to life by the people for the people
Barry Dewing the Arts Lodge enhances our City.
Liz Barnes-Downing I would like PCC to allow The Arts Lodge, a community enterprise, to continue/
joe sheridan Do not end this oasis in a dire inner city space just promote it more and fund it better for the people of portsmouth !!!!!!!!!
sarah clark "We need to value what is important for our community. "
James Wilkinson Great venue that Portsmouth has a distinct lack of , disgraceful if it were to close
Jon Dempsey "Places like this are part of our identity, we should be encouraging these niche community inspired projects, not shutting them down in favor of generic businesses. Please keep our community outreach for the sanity of the public."
saoirse wall This place has so many memories to me and my friends it's where my drama group first started without the arts lodge The young creatives Portsmouth would not be here today x
James Skila PCC need to be transparent about their dealings and somebody needs to be accountable for this. There will be other possibilities for a cafe to be run in the way they desire, so leave this cherished institution alone! I haven't been in for a couple of years since I moved but will make a point of going in next week to show my support. Local independent businesses should be encouraged not surprised!
Emma Devine This is a wonderful place, exactly the kind of thing that Portsmouth needs more of, not less! Cool but welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, interesting, lovely affordable food, great for families, a place for artists, inspiring, community focused... please don't close this little gem down!
Robert Pearce perhaps it will become another charity shop
Julia Clark The arts centre and elderly people's centre doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.
Sara Newton I'm signing because I feel it is important to have a community art space to inspire the artist in all of us.
Michelle Blythman There is nothing for younger people in Portsmouth sorry to say the elderly have many day centres and social services already
Joanne Easby "Pcc are causing yet more erosion of our local culture and another great community project for short term greed and gain Shame on you PCC bullyboys!!! "
Jim Campbell This is a great facility that does great work, which the council is trying to close without good reason and without reasonable notice.
Sam Pullen My mum worked here for years and I visited here every week with my nans both of my nans actually have there ashes scattered and we have a memorial plaque on the wall for them we visit it often and help keep it tidy it would be such a shame to give this up!!
Peter Pullen Both my nans ashes are here and this would devestate my mum
Ian Stevens Born and bred in Pompey and fed up with watching the council pile mistake upon mistake. ...get into the real world and listen to the people you serve.
Phil Pilcher I"m convinced that it serves the community as a whole better in its current form than any other option
Nicola Cunningham I wrked in the lodge cafe for 7 years I lI've the art lodge and everything it stands for.
Darren Wright To stop Cllr. Donna Kebab painting it a silly colour and sponsoring it by Santa.
Joanne Barringer This is my quiet bolt hole. Love this place!
Amanda Hungate We need individual places like this in the city, there is already space for corporate businesses. Making Portsmouth a little more like Brighton can only be a good thing.
Linda Maunder "Because the Arts Lodge is a unique little part of Portsmouth and does not need change. "
Tom Queree It's a great community resource that reflects the diversity of the city, lovely welcoming people and an inclusive atmosphere. We should have more places like this...not less.
lee leppington I want this vibrant and cost free venue to remain as it is.
Sophi Strange Stop closing things that needn't be closed!!!!!
Aysegul Epengin Support to The Arts Lodge To Continue.
Michael Brady It's a great place doing a fantastic job bringing people together and providing many opportunities to anyone who cares to visit.
Deb Cairns "The closure of this place is ridiculous. It is a central place for the community to meet & if learn about Arts. To have a place to retreat from the busy area it has stood is something that money cannot buy. What on earth would be worthwhile replacing the building and the Arts Centre....Possibly retirement flats? Or something a councillor in Portsmouth City Council wants and has the power to achieve by whatever means they can."
Annie Prstt This place is a great meeting place and area for local artists to display their work. A much needed haven in a busy city.
Jo Benjafield Ltcl Alcm I was born and raised in Portsmouth...I left in 1973 as it was too dreary and prejudiced against outsiders .....I have lived in London E2 for 40 years and watched the progress of community arts and we have a similar project in Bethnal Green called St Margarets House where there is a cafe where young people can volunteer......portsmouth is now a much better place to it ....
Caroline Freemantle Im signing because this small but beautiful arts lodge gives such a lot to the community, arts, culture, local crafts, safe and beautiful haven in the heart of a busy city for like minded people to meet and I personally have enjoyed many a peaceful and memorable moment here. Please save this Lodge!
jillifer lederer It is inspirational to lots of people
Francis Lovering It's a classic bit of Portsmouth and it's lovely parks
Stephen Glennon The current use is by far the best way to utilise this little gem. If the stories suggesting that it will be a day centre are true with other provision so close by then the loss of an inclusive community venue will be yet another shameful decision by PCC.
matt little There is no need to use this particular building for the purposes proposed as others are available in the city
Sandra kelly This amazing arts hub is a haven for young and old that encourages artistic development and advocates sustainability and a strong sense of community. Portsmouth needs this breath of fresh air <3
Kay McFarlane Every community needs the arts
donna parker Please keep this lovely building going as is, even though I AM NOW A LADY OF A CERTAIN AGE ,ITS NOT ALL ABOUT OLD PEOPLE. the Arts lodge is valued by those who use it.
Jonathan Thomson Portsmouth arts lodge has given many local people joy and sustenance, and an alternative to the drudgery of modern day life, Portsmouth city council please reconsider this short sighted decision!
Dorothy Corrick There can never be too many outlets for artistic expression - used in live in Portsmouth ( family still do)
Tracey Dean It's an important hub for the community in Portsmouth
Michael Loomes I'm signing because I'm originally from Portsmouth
Valerie Cook Multi age facility encouraging arts and crafts and community endeavours.
Barry Zee "I am signing this petition because The Art & Soul Traders run the Arts Lodge as a community arts and music venue with cafe. They are a 'not for profit' social enterprise that has helped community members get involved in a number of arts projects, which are not only of benefit to the city, but to the volunteers themselves. "
Ali williams The world needs to have more places like this! Where will children find places to be allowed to express their creativity!???? Is NOTHING ever saved and cherished anymore??? What kind of world and future are we leaving to our children? The 'big decision makers' don't seem to give a crap THATS WHY! Some things need to stay. THATS WHY. We ALL need places to express creativity THATS WHY...and because if it goes...what's left??? THATS WHY IM SIGNING. IM USING MY VOICE to say "please do not take this away from the people who need it"
Alice Martin art heals the soul and helps inspire others
trecie roberts We need arts in the community and the arts lodge has long been a source for creativity for children and a beautiful place for everyone to visit away from the realities of the outside world
Sally Weller It's a lovely cafe !! Xx
Vsnessa Lloyd We need to keep these quirky little buildings and encourage the use for Art, etc. It's great for any age . It will be sad if this goes .
Denorah Woodbtidge "There isn't enough access to art and music. Stop taking away people's Joy. "
Emma King This establishment already provides a wonderful social experience and is well used by more than one social sector!
Heather Elston It's a lovely oasis in a busy city. I have used this place a number of times and it makes great coffee, whilst trying to escape the crowds of shoppers un Commercial Road
leigh cunningham Because my aunties ashes are here.
raymond savage I've used the lodge on loads of ocasions and always find it friendly and entertaining.will definitely boycott if turned into Starbucks
Lucian Freud Keep our arts center!
Karen Tiller This is part of our community in beautiful surroundings and if it goes it will probable be knocked down and more houses built
Anne Courts This small oasis The Arts Lodge in Southsea is amazing . Everything that a community needs . In a wonderful setting. I firmly believe that to close this down would be detrimental to the area. Certainly to the people that live and use this much needed facility in Portsmouth. Im appalled . I hope that Portsmouth Council will retract their decision.
Richard Scott As a former resident of Portsmouth, I enjoyed this art space and found it to be a peaceful refuge in the heart of the busy city. I hope others will continue to benefit from its artistic offers. Please don't let it disapoear.
Rebecca Spillett We used to enjoy lunches here with the children and my late mother. It holds so many beautiful memories.
Vanessa Goldbert This place is a beautiful gem for so many people in the community. Please don't wipe that away but help it flourish even more. Aren't our councils meant to do what's best to serve our community? Isn't this why they were elected? Please listen to us! Thank you :)
judith norris ITS UNIQUE
Art House The Lodge inspired us to do our thing 8 years ago. Portsmouth council are wrong to think this issue stops at the city limits. Places like this are the real heart beat if a community.
Susan Plenty For all the reasons mentioned
Catherine Randle I have had wonderful arts experiences in this lodge. It is perfect and Portsmouth doesn't have enough spaces like this one.
Ellen Rawson Portsmouth (and every city) needs such a site as the Arts Lodge!
Rickard Gustafsson It's a great place that doing a good thing
wendy allen As a disabled person I value a friendly space to sit & an open toilet!!!!!!!!
Lynda Fletcher Vital community resource leave it be!!
Matthew Byne Portsmouth needs varied, cultural spaces - too many of which have already been closed such as the registry.
Steve tuppen Beautifull spot in the corner of the park.
Antonella Facchini Pal It's a special place. Must stay
Gordon Sutton It's stupid to close something popular and useful to many when it costs the council nothing!
Maria Cole Because I don't want to see another local treasure lost .
Jo kelly This place is for the community. It adds character to Portsmouth and I have friends that visit from as far a way as Sheffield and London. We deserve as a community to continue have a meeting place like this that is non profit making. Please put you community before profit.
Steve White I've watched this place grow from a drunks squat and eyesore. Through one mans passion and love. Now the greedy corporates want it because it's so special. Shame on you Portsmouth city council. You embarrass me !!!!
Zoe brown We need places where originality can flourish.
Amelia Smith I'm signing because this is wrong and we need to stick together for change
Katie Travis I love this place!
Zuber Hatia I want The Arts Lodge to stay open
Connor Lester This is a value to the community and is a very good facility.
Simone Gumtau This is exactly the sort of facility that Portsmouth needs, and it is grown from grassroots, with a very tight community network. You cannot rebuild that sort of things easily.
Kelly Palfreyman The cafe should stay independent!!! We do not need another Starbucks in the city
Helen Plews Without this places would have had no hope after leaving university with a performing arts degree. I now use it for coffee and loo with my children. They love the toys and the building. It's part of the park and culture in this town.
Luke Fletcher Nan in laws ashes are there and fed up of seeing the same generic shops everywhere!
Adam little "The artistic culture is dying out. Education in art and music needs to be more thorough. Please keep this place open for the generations to come "
michael Jackson Linda Symes must be stopped from ruining yet another great Art Space in Portsmouth. Is there no end she will go to to wipe out culture in our City?
KATHRYN COATES This space needs to be saved!
Matt Rawlinson creativity and community are fundimental to the human experience.
Michael Johnson I thought that Community Projects such as these are the mainstay of Government Policy. Local people picking up when local Government abdicates its responsibility. How many of its potential future 'day centre' customers are already enjoying its facilities.
jim cadogan portsmouth has a special feel and to lose something like this would be a shame as once the unique feel to a town is gone then thats it as out of town shopping has killed town centers
Carolyne darmanin We need places like this
Charlie Buckland The community needs this place
Andy Smith I have been to the arts lodge many times, this is a special place and will be missed by many people
Louis Le Du To many similar projects gone to the wall because of an inept run Council, wasteing money on the likes of pedestrianisation of North End and Palmerston Road.
Andrea Legg This place is unique, full of character and already fulfills the needs of local people very happily and successfully. There are plenty of empty buildings in Portsmouth to choose for a new daycare centre rather than disrupt what is going on here.
adrienne wheeler This is great venue. A truly inspirational place with lots of creativity. It is for EVERYONE and is full of community spirit. I cannot even believe it is up for discussion about closing this. What is happening to this city !!!
Liz morgon there is no reason to get rid of the Art Lodge. It is a beautiful building do a beautiful service. LEAVE IT ALONE
David Roseaman I believe that enterprises such as the Arts Lodge are an essential part of local communities allowing people to feel included and respected and build stronger relations both personally and with the wider community.
Feleena Elkington Yet again the Tories seem intent on removing access to arts and culture from an inner city space. Keep your hands off!!!
flora ball this is a beautiful historic building leave it alone
brian cotter We need to save this beautiful place
Liz McCutcehon I don't want this precious building to be engulfed by anymore corporations or for that matter universities, leave something intact for the people of Portsmouth!
R Bassett Although I live in Southampton, I visit the Art Lodge in Pompey and it's a true gem. Lovely spot for a cup of tea or snack away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Please don't close it down.
Andy Harris I have spent some time at this wonderful little venue and once played a gig here too. It would be a loss to the creative scene of Portsmouth.
Khali Lindo We need art spaces in Portsmouth. It's for the community , it's accessible to all, it's free and inspirational
Lewis Tribble I always have a great time there, would be a great shame to see it go
Sally Bowers the council sucks!
ann day "I remember when the Arts Lodge first opened (with help from PCC) and I have supported it throughout the many years it has existed. It has provided an important arts centre for all the community and should continue to be supported by PCC "
TRACY COLLEY I want to keep art and culture alive in our city.
Talulah Miers Places like this are the soul of the comminity and absolutely vital for the community welbeing, especially at times of deprivation.
Megan Linford The Arts Lodge has given me a space to create music, meet other musicians and develop myself creatively I will not see it go
Corrine Thorne It's beautiful and serves the community
Adele Bayly Please keep our heARTS beating.... Without it we are machines
jayne cochrane Of all the hard work and dedication the team has put in to this community project over the years.
Daniel Harrison A great space and wouldn't work in the way you want to change it
annette price "Important for all who love art and its place in the community "
Martyn Ibbs Culture needs to stay in portsmouth, removing it will help no one and will only stunt the growth of portsmouth into a bigger cultural hub
Janet Pyper I used to live in Portsmouth and this is the sort of project that needs to be encouraged and supported by the council
Grace West This is a brilliant cafe and the only community arts cafe in portsmouth. Ran by a great team
Rosalie Rutherford We need a place of peace in a hectic busy city a concrete jungle
Eileen Wharam "Many in the Community will suffer without it. "
Mike Maybury The Lodge is also now providing healthy plant-based food for all, in line with the best nutrition advice world-wide.
Jamie Osborne It's one of the best venues in the town.
Nigel Fryatt This is a community project that should continue.
Anna Mathewson This is a wonderful little place to be used by all. I believe it is of far more use to the community than an old people's day centre would be.
Helen Tann I know the artful lodger.
Anne Whinfield I do not live in Portsmouth, but believe such a successful and beneficial community facility should be helped - not destroyed.
samantha harris Pcc are a bunch of crooks. Save this beautiful scantury in our little green haven.
jean robson It is part of Portsmouth .....need some culture...
Ian King My friends are visitors!
Sarah Olford Love the lodge
lisa butler Charlie a volunteer at the lodge, really welcomed a few troubled friends .with its relaxed atmosphere and easygoing approach.Our guests managed to engage in some free activities to calm them., also offering free hot drink vouchers to street homeless.Thank you Charlie & Markx
Isabelle Chamberlain "I'm signing this because I have grew Up here and it is a lovely place and such lovely owners please don't get rid of it "
Anna Donegan i can only assume that the council does work FOR the people, therefore if the PEOPLE wish this to stay then thats what should happen. Or am i to assume that the council have fallen into that "we do whatever we want with your money" attitude "because we can" Seriously, with the whole EU debate going on you would think the local MPs would stop meddling in local affairs and concentrate on what they are actually being highly overpaid for!
kate titheridge-crow I am signing because I am very aware of what a fantastic resource to the community the art lodge is.
Melody Jones Art in necessary for all, young and old. Please renew the lease to allow people of all ages to continue the good work and meet together in Portsmouth. Thank you.
Pat Brooks It's for the community!!!
colin dowden places like this should be encouraged, we need to stand up against the bully councils, you almost get the idea that they don't like people enjoying themselves.
Sophie Hui It's a beautiful venue, it needs saving and promoting. It's a hidden gem in the city
Linda McDowall I think it is important to keep small community projects
Samantha White Friends of mine met 10 years ago at the lodge, and are getting married this year! It's a really great place run by amazing people who have put time and alot of energy into bringing this place up to the amazing place it is now :) It would be so sad to see this lovely place go and someone's hard work be for naught. Perhaps the council should look at using another abandoned building that resides within the park grounds instead.
Tina Nicholls I have enjoyed this space many times, I am also an art student. We need to encourage such places!
Mark Phippard We need stuff like this its what makes our society tick ........ grrrrrrrrrrr
sam Nutbeam Council can not be aloud to keep taking places from us.....
Sandra Carter It is a unique location, appealing to all age groups and is not a multi-national chain like so many of the coffee shops and restaurants.
Jackie Martin-Corben As a vegan with small children, we need more places to visit which are perfect for families. Inspirational and friendly. Please let them stay.
Naomi Johnson Because local initiatives are important and when privately they can provide more care love and attention.
Pam Lloyd-Curtis Because it's a lovely place & helps lots of people & a nice place for a chat & snack & lots of things for all ages it needs to stay open please
Eleanor Sopwith This Arts Lodge is something that enhances the community. It's well worth supporting.
ruby sink Arts lodge is important for Portsmouths community.
Covaciu Vlad I'm signing because the art lodge is an positive thing to the Portsmouth community and because I personally love the place.
monique ford ?
Deborah Dodsworth The Arts Lodge is one of the most vital outreach centres in Portsmouth. I am surprised I even have to sign this petition. Clearly the council is unaware of the impact this centre has in the local community. It is a hub for young parents and their children as well as a site that welcomes work from schools in the area. Do not make the mistake of closing this valuable resource down.
lynne metcalfe It's the one little oasis in the sea of university we have left,leave something for the locals.
Elena Dobson I used to live in Portsmouth & it's a fantastic venue that deserves to be saved.
Julie MacDonald This a a unique community service should not be stopped, adds to the city, elderly people can already go, if they want.
Annette Lowery As a family, we love the opportunities the Lodge provides for creativity!
Claire Radford The arts lodge is unique and shows off our creative passions. Had enough of big businesses
Nathan Galbraith This venue and place is a great alternative for a night out in Portsmouth and would be a great loss to the dwindling venues of Portsmouth available for a good night out
Lorraine Slee This place supports the arts in the community and is a lovely meeting place.Mark and his team have worked so hard-not enough places like this in our cities-you can keep your Costas!!!!!
claire hiett We need places like this!
Isabel Thurston such places offer an antidote to the soulless centre.
David Lloyd "This place is a sea of tranquility in a noisy city. "
Rachel Ballam The Lodge is an important community space in Portsmouth. The closure of this centre would go against the Policies of the NPPF as well as local planning policies and guidance, in which sustainable development, including economic and social factors, both of which are central to The Lodge, is a material consideration and a "golden thread".
Holly Gallier The arts lodge was a big part of my childhood, it holds lots of memories and i think it would be such a shame to take it away from children and the public!!! All this hard work gone into it seems such a waste.
Tracy Snell We need more beautiful caring spaces in this city
Lynn Hampson Somewhere like this should not be closed
Billie Parkes So much hard work has gone into making this place what it is today! I'm behind you all the way rocky! ✌️
Richard Thomson Any group or company that benifit the community MUST be given priority and helped to remain regardless . Art lodge has benefited Portsmouth from what it was originally, a run down deralect blot on the landscape. Keep the Art Lodge.
Anne Preater "Message to the City Council - ART FOR ART'S SAKE, NOT MONEY, FOR GODS SAKE. You should be supporting this enterprise. You have the perfect setting for a peaceful day centre for the elderly at St James'. Is there anyone on the Council with a brain cell!!!!!!!!!! "
lindsey mcdonagh Beautiful little space to chill out and unwind. Too many memories have been made here.
Richard ingram This is a valuable Comunity asset for the whole of the community
Miriam Gomez Lopez I think this place it's great, their people are great and they put so much for the community, specially those in need, keep this place opened and their great people
Matthew Booth There seems to be no fiscal or moral reason to not renew this lease with the current tenants.
Emma Golding Before it was made into the Lodge, Portsmouth council were happy for the building to be left empty for years. It nearly became derelict. The place is great now.
Craig Hewitt I was born and raised in Portsmouth although I now live in Canada I'm still passionate about my home.
Liz Rickard Arts spaces are important and vital for the community
Andrew Howes This is another case of profit before people - trying to set up a care-home on the cheap whilst disenfranchising the ordinary people who already benefit from a lovely which, it would seem, does not generate enough money for the greedy.
Erika Wassertheurer Why get rid of it? It's popular and is a fantastic all round place. Refreshments,arts,dancing,or just relaxing. It's a no brainer!
kev killoran Please continue to support it.
Rebecca Snelling U
Aaron Campbell The arts lodge not only brings the community together but also provides a positive community spirit.
lorraine Daughtrey Arts lodge was set up 20 years ago by some truly creative souls. For the people not for profit. This is a small oasis in a difficult world and is important for so many portsmouth people. This beautiful organisation should be cherished, nourished and supported; not seen as another asset by the council. It's a tranquil space appreciated by many and should be seen as one Portsmouth iconic buildings. I'm sure the majority of elderly residents will agree.
Angela Rose "It's a wonderful place that does fantastic work which benefits the whole community The council should not make unilateral decisions like this without consultation"
Bill Mccance I've always believed Portsmouth to be a community based City, dont let the community down PCC!
Spencer croucher The community needs to keep places like this and encourage them to continue
Tina birch This is a valued service. And they have restored a beautiful building and brought a corner of Portsmouth back to life
Janet Mayes The Arts Lodge is an oasis for all in the City of Portsmouth where young and old can meet, view some good art, drink good coffee and relax. The elderly (me being one of them) have the John Pounds Centre. I do not understand the thinking behind this, we must be aware as the Leader of the Council has other plans in mind for Victoria Park.
Heather Kelly We are losing so much of the small businesses and this arts cafe was a haven for me when my daughter was a baby.
Josh dean There's already loads of places for the elderly we need to keep
Laura Joy We need independant run spaces for the arts to thrive in our cities- the arts lodge is one such place, please don't close it PCC!
Kate Carter The Arts Lodge is an amazing place which should be left to continue doing great things for the local community.
Trudi Luxford It's well run and a lovely cafe, it works why take it away, unless you want to sell it off of course!!!!!
wendy watson Keep it local!!!
jackie gray Mark and his team have made a unique contribution to local arts and culture, they turned a disused eyesore into a lovely haven within a haven
alison brown To put shops before art/creativity/hardwork disgusts the intelligent mind
alison hall These money grubbing selfish greedy people who care for nothing but lining their own pockets must be stopped! They are not fit to be in public service
Terry Chorlry I love this place. My kids do too, a lot of hard work and effort went into this and it's incredible. It would be a damn shame to lose such an artistic pinnacle.
Terry Chorlry To remove the arts lodge would be to remove the heart of many many people who have a huge fondness for this fantastic place. We need artistic culture to continue in the area. It's a vibrant happy place run by wonderful people. Children, adults, even elderly would not want to see it disappear. so much hard work and effort and love was put into making it the place it has become. It has a soul. LONG LIVE THE ARTS LODGE!
aud ccloud So wrong of pcc,this is a lovely art lodge to hzve a cup of tea,look at artwork .
Rob Dillon I have many fond memories playing with my old band and having a grat time
Victoria Houghton We all need to support & have the art supported in our local community
Monique Deakin I've used the arts lodge on many an occasion. It's a beautiful quiet spot that allows me to take my daughter and meet with friends who have young children; therefore a safe area to sit and socialise whilst allowing our children to get fresh air in what is otherwise an extremely busy city! Don't take another area away and deprive people even more!
Kate Harper As a former resident of Portsmouth I believe this is a fantastic facility for young and old and the whole community.
Rachel Singh SAVE the arts lodge!
Daniel Luckham A place as unique as this in the city should be preserved. If it meets the needs of all ages in the community, why limit the centre to catering just for elderly?!
Marcus Jones This venue is a hub for talent. The support, sweat and hard work gone into creating what it is today should not be taken for granted. Keep art alive - it should be encouraged not closed.
Kohn Burns I use the lodge regularly with my family and for its events . Would be a massive lose to the area
Megan Dean An art community like this should not be taken away from us!
Tony Butler ... Art heals and by God we need that now
Roger Hopgood Projects such as this are a rarity and given the important work they do in fostering creativity and community cohesion should be supported by local government.
Suzanne Henderson Things like this should continue. Otherwise it's just another empty building or gets knocked down, what's the harm in letting it stay! More benefits then closing it
Ian Hamilton For many years the lodge has done a fabulous job and the council should be supporting not ending this wonderful place for the young people of the city. Send the old people on coaches to Bournemouth or something, they will not appreciate it and it will not be a productive to the community as it is for the youth. Ageism right there.
Monica Key Really is a great place for all ages to meet. Much loved by those who visit and enjoy. Food for the soul for all ages! Please leave it alone.
Scott Rogers Portsmouth has next to nothing in quirky interesting things or places. Don't become even more boring
Yian Jones Keep the lodge it's a great community resource
mark walters I don't want to see it shut because my partners daughter plays music there.
jay jowett although I live in Yeovil now, I originate from Portsmouth. when I come "home", this is one place I love to visit.
Charlotte Anwyl Unique community centres like this must be protected. We will miss them when they're gone.
April Coonan This is a unique space for artists and musicians! I look forward to playing many more gigs here!
Beth Martin This place is too amazing to shut down, best music venue to attend with great atmosphere and setting
Caroline Searle The arts lodge is a unique and wonderful place. It is one of a kind and we shouldn't loose or forget that.
gary oscroft The lodge was the father of the arts house in Southampton both are vital to our cities arts scene
Grant Taylor I Believe This is the wrong thing to do, and that this decision should be changed...
Andrea Miller The little corners that are given to art, are pearls of joy.
ben Jones Because Rocky an everyone else involved in this place have put more love and effort into the Portsmouth community than anyone on the island.
Louise Gadsby I love going here with my little boy when we've been in the park. Will be such a loss.
Dion Little Something like this should not be lost when the council has had multiple opportunities to provide funding to other centers and services. How will the service users even access the building from the road given the likelihood that some will suffer with mobility issues. How about providing funding to allow art based workshops to be run for the elderly. An elderly person can have such a positive impact on a young persons life and art is a medium over which to achieve that. Stop counting pennies and start thinking about people as it's clear that the council's true intentions are not clear.
steve soutar "I have been to several events at the lodge over the last couple of years - it's a lovely oasis in between major shopping areas, dockyard etc. The people who run or host events from the Lodge dedicate their spare time to bringing life to the park, hosting all sorts of gatherings for people who can't have large family gatherings at home (most residents of portsmouth aren't lucky enough to have gardens, or the money to rent venues) I strongly oppose any plans to bulldoze this old landmark, to replace it with yet another faceless modern building."
Carolyn Barber We need the council to be supporting local community ventures and social enterprise in the city, not threatening and undermining them.
Jeanette Miller Places like this should be encouraged for people to meet in the community for the community, not destroyed.
Tamara-Jane Tucker "Portsmouth does not have enough art fertilitys The talented people of Portsmouth need somewhere they can share there love for art "
Carole Eamey The Portsmouth Arts Lodge is a fantastic facility in the heart of the city and serves the community brilliantly. It would be sorely missed.
Julie Berry It's a lovely place and should be saved
matthew fiford Because it's a great Independant little gem in portsmouth
Reece Hadley This place means a lot to me and to a lot of youths and people of Portsmouth. Such an amazing place.
Karl Gallier For the community
Joanne Stringfellow Art & Soul Traders are already providing a much-needed community service there. It does not need to be something else!
Jessica Clay We need to add to 'our' community not take away!
Andy Conway Because it's a place I really appreciate.
sarah johnson THIS unique place is important for the whole community.
matt wakefield Hardly suitable as day care! Arts are allways the soft touch. Leave it alone and let something thrive. Allways trying to mess something up in this city.
Milo Maguire An absolutely super place! Hope it gets a new lease.
Hannah Andrews Its now such a beautiful building, people love to just relax in there and look at peoples beautiful art.
susan viney It's a wonderful place
Jacqui Munro why this, so many other buildings you could use
Ian Gregory It's an important asset to the town and the people that regularly attend workshops and events. Travesty if it goes.... Any why?
Annette Russell "It is great place for people to see art "
James Roney I feel strongly about preserving the unique cultural benefit of thus establishment which is enjoyed by young and old, local and from afar
Philip Edney It should stay as it is..
Fiona Lee I believe in the quality of arts especially those which are original and serve the community
louise butler I used to work for the neighbourhood management team and we did many awesome pieces of community based work with the lodge!
Hannah Lewthwaite This is an important part of the community. It provides a place for people to meet and chat, which helps build hapier people
A adams Life's hard enough
Caroline Powell We must save & cherish the creative development of generations to come, places like Portsmouth Art Lodge that are too important to lose.
janet rapetti "we need little individual places like this. "
Natalie McCutcheon This is a great little place to have in the park some where nice to eat it would be a shame to take this away!!!!
Alyson Ross This is an admirable scheme, much envied elsewhere.
Jenny Cook Because I am a 73 year old artist and the Arts Lodge sounds and looks like an ideal place for people of all ages to share each others company. and ideas. Leicester City Council just felled over 90 fully grown heathy trees as part of some kind of vanity project - that's councils for you! Their Planning department is a joke too. Thank god we have an active & architecturally sensitive Civic Society! Yours Truly
Susan Cottrell This place needs to carry on being open to all the community, not just the older ones. If it closes I won't be able to drink coffee there with my friends or drop by with my grandchildren.
Cassandra Gardiner We all need places to share as a community, that inspire us, we can go as a family or friends or groups and even alone. There are too few of these spaces in Portsmouth. The arts represents and attracts people from all walks of life, there is no discrimination in this field. Closing down special places, like the Arts Lodge (by not renewing the lease) will be a substantial loss. It is through art we explore, diversify and create. Portsmouth needs more creative areas. It is so densely populated and built up, with a major lack of open community space, closing down a beautiful place, open to all, removes the option to find a retreat, a place of mindfulness from the day to day of work and bound by the home pushing people into limited remaining g options such as the shopping mall. What can be gained from that?
Luke Walker Im signing this because for years it has been a great place for me and my friends to get together and share our love for music. Like minded musicians regularly gather here for intimate gigs and lots have used it as a platform to go on to bigger venues. It would be a real shame if this building was changed as it has so much character and history.
Madeleine Egremont Do not shut The Lodge! There isn't enough community art in the town and to shut this venue is destroying a very fragile scene! I am shocked by this action! Shame on Portsmouth City Council.
Richard Smith the lodge is a great place for young and old
Deborah Hammond Hunt PCC have a habit of kicking out charities from their properties in an attempt to make money. DO NOT DO THIS. You kicked out Yellow Kite from Southsea Castle because you could see a profit in it. These people fill the gap you cannot, so leave them be and renew their lease
Richard Stride Because they do great work and it's grass routes that really matter in the city. It is so important that I dependant spaces are given a chance to survive and they make that park well worth the visit. Please support them.
Dave Bonnie Because ART still matters as it is made from the hearts and souls of artists
Samuel Wilson Over many years, Portsmouth City Council has ruined Portsmouth, by allowing the destruction of historic structures so that stupid, pointless and frankly disgusting structures can be built in their place. (Ahem, HMS Vernon ). I do not wish to see anymore destruction in the guise of 'progress'. 'Progression' is anything that a Governing body expects to make money, if it doesn't generate revenue, it's simply knocked aside. Disgusting.
Russell Simpson That fact that this is even an option is ridiculous! Save the history!
Sadie Nijkar Yet another great place being shut down with no consideration to others! 
Mandy Lampard "Art is important, meeting places for all ages and ethnicities is important, and there are many other empty buildings in Portsmouth in which a day centre for the elderly can be accommodated. "
Paul Georgeson This place holds some great events, its an important cultural hub for artists in Portsmouth and run by people with genuine interest in providing a service to this city.
Sue Pope "The Arts Lodge is providing a much needed community spirit !! Its been built up with dedication from the people who REALLY care!! "
Kay Cunningham I spend about 6 mths quite regularly in the UK and delight in this cafe with its great options of food, courteous service and great setting - and ofcourse its support for local artists and local peoples! We make a point of visiting and frequenting it when we can.
Stewart Garside I believe the art centre should remain.
Christopher Savell The council is being "age-ist". Leave Victoria Park alone. You need to evict some of your barmy council staff instead.
John Sackett Community Arts Venues must be saved.
Sandra Humphries This is about the only place where you can see art and have a drink and a snack in very pleasant surroundings. We had quite a nice little art gallery at the base of the Mountbatten building in Guildhall Square. The council closed it. Then there were displays of art in the Southsea Parish Council room. The council abolished the Parish Council so we lost the exhibition space. Then we had a small art gallery in the room above the new library in Palmerston Road (the former Woolworths building). The council closed that. We used to have display stands for art and photography in the central library. The council stopped all that. The Arts Lodge is all that is left to us. It should continue under the same management. Mark Lewis also runs "Parties in the Park" in the summer. He works very hard to make this successful and should have help and support from the council, not be attacked in every conceivable way! This seems to be the only city in the UK where people have virtually no culture!
Mandy Pegg I believe this place shouldn't go because too many of these places are disappearing they are good for the community and keep these old building being used and not be knocked down they are part of history.
Pauline Kaznowski Everything that is good and works well is being closed by misguided Councils
Mark Lewis Thank you everyone for signing our petition and your kind inspiring words they are very much appreciated;) we will fight and we will win this together! The artful lodgers x
Laura Cunningham The Arts Cafe provides a unique space where people who live and work in the heart of Portsmouth can go an enjoy their lunch or coffee in a relaxing Green space. Personally, I often go there to escape the stress of work, to unwind and enjoy the natural ambience of the park. The are now countless studies showing the value of greenspace for people's wellbeing, and the arts cafe enables people to use these spaces in their lunch hour. It is unbelievable that the PCC is intending to deprive Portsmouth of this invaluable resource, and restrict use of the cafe to eldery residents only. What about supporting the welfare of the workers who are still paying taxes????? The art cafe is a haven for all, PLEASE don't take it away.
Angela Whitmore The art lodge is the perfect place to relax in Portsmouth - whether I'm there to shop or for work, I love to take time out there.
Fiona Kennedy I have grown up using this park and still do , would be a shame to lose it now . It offers so much to the people of the city .
Michelle Moss It's a great facility where young and older people can intergrate. Please don't keep isolating the elderly, it's not what they need.
Jacqueline Stokes It's a really great little place for art/photography exhibitions
Angela Clutterbuck There is no good reason to close Portsmouth Arts Lodge!!!
Jason Evans "I'm signing this petition to try to prevent you closing the Arts lodge as its part of our & our children's friendly community "
Ed Edwards Save its art gallery and garden
Claudia lucas we are not doing enough for art
Kate Donaldson It would be a shame to see this venue go as it seems to cater for all age groups and costs nothing to the Council.
David West I just don't think it's a suitable building or in the right place for the proposed use.
Ruth Lihou It is a public asset. You have closed down so many other places that old people could have gone to this will cost a lot of tax payers money to convert it so why not look at some where more suitable for elderly people. Keep it as it is why does the present council keep getting rid of things that work....Leave it be!
Coleen Kenny I remember when the lodge was converted, it was a ruin. The council didn't put any effort into maintaining it, so deteriorated over the years. Now the it is a property with a worth the council are interested, that's always the way. Let some one else do the hard work take it away from them and rake the credit. Nice one Portsmouth city council.
Stuart Fleming As an ex resident of portsmouth when I return I love to visit the arts lodge
Richard gray I personally love the arts lodge as an interesting place to go and to meet others.
Jason Millard This lodge does and has done more for the community in the park in its time then pcc ever has or will!
Elizabeth West Lets not lose anymore small enterprise/not for profit groups. We have enough bigger profit seeking art galleries. This treasured little part of portsmouth must remain.
Sally Brooming Arts are being squeezed out of school curriculums therefore access to arts facilities outside of school is more important than ever, especially with the reports of how an ability in "the arts" can make you more employable and also improve your mental health
Hannah Lambert A treasure in a city run by non corporate individuals with a passion for the arts something rare here in Portsmouth you should be supporting such an amazing venue not trying to eliminate Shame on you pcc
Peter Woollin Agree completely with letter. It would be a real shame to lose it.
Miriam Downing The Arts are important, lovely place for families
Philip Beadle I wouldn't trust PCC as far as, etc.
Michele Sharman Why close something that costs Portsmouth City Council nothing only to spend tax payers money to convert it???!
Amanda Noble As much as the elderly need social groups there are plenty around and they can go to Arts Lodge anyway.... Everyone knows if the council take it over it will be at a cost and they aren't very good at running this sort of thing ... Leave it as it is!
Tonin matia T
Ian Glasby This is a planned closure based on political dogma, not economic circumstances.Down with Donna Jones & her Council.
Tony Weaving Sod off
Marianne Clark I believe in art
Russell Blitz It is the only arts space available in portsmouth
will nelson Arts are invaluable
Chris Teasdale The council needs to respect culture and stop dumbing down everything in Portsmouth
caroline elliott leave a good thing alone!
Kate Whitfield This is a unique and valuable enterprise, the loss of which will be irreversible
Sally Hubert We need to keep as many arts spaces as we can, especially somewhere as unique and beautiful as this
Dean Hurley PCC should consult local people on such issues.
Matt Waller Its an amazing venue for the community and supports so many people
Nicholas Prosser All organisations and venues connected with the arts & culture should cherished and protected.
alan leach This is a quality place, not like the minecraft buildings that are popping up over the city, making the area look like a cartoon.
Aaron Todd This is an irreplacable community resource
Phill Johnson Having visited this corner of Victoria Park with my young son I can how much good it already does for the community, young and old alike.
Darren Turner The Arts Lodge has become a very important part of the community.
Gary Dench Council's across the Country often waste so much money on pointless and unnecessary nonsense, reduce that and save projects like this one.
David Godson The Arts Lodge is a revered community resource which should be allowed to continue its valuable work.
Ian Hammond It must continue to provide its unique function. The alternative suggestion for its use can easily be met elsewhere.
Judith Snaith The Arts Lodge is a unique venue for all ages.
Christopher Davis i 'm signing because enough has been demolished in both Portsmouth City (as well as Havant Borough) that was of good quality.
Peter Edmunds Portsmouth city centre is wthout a soul, offices that look like three dimensional graph paper and evidence of its history discreetly obscured.
Andrew Cragg The Arts Lodge is a little treasure in our city.
Deborah Wright This is a unique and valuable complement to Portsmouth's arts provision. It is a treasure in the Park, and has made a significant and much loved contribution to the provision and promotion of arts in Portsmouth. We should be proud of this special corner: let's cherish and celebrate this wonderful arts space and all its work for everyone in the community.
Ellie Cashin The Arts Lodge is where a performing arts group I am a part of (The Young Creatives Portsmouth) started off. This is where we had our first ever session and where we spent the first few months - but due to our group getting too big for the Arts Lodge we had to leave. But TYCP still cherish the Arts Lodge and it is a gem of the community and a place that showcases local creative talent to share with the community.
Wendy Gray I love this building and what it does. Every time I'm in Portsmouth and I see it, it always brings a smile to my face. Community spaces that welcome people of all ages and cultures are hard to find these days. Please let it continue as is.
Julie Perry A unique place which is used by all ages and gender. A place to encourage creativity but it's a comunitee facility that portsmouth can not aboard to lose. I took my children there and now I take my grandsons, the cafe is a place for mums can have a coffee and make friends while their children play. If we lose the lodge the park will be next. Please don't take it away from the people who need it,
Geoffrey Hollis The Arts Lodge deserves to continue
Sue Cradock A good friend from Poland (Kasia) showed me this lovely place and it is a very spiritual place which must be saved...
kerry thompson It doesn't make any sense to change this building as it achieves all the objectives already!
Christopher BEST The Arts Centre has established itself as an invaluable asset, as an essential and excellent contribution to the social infrastructure of Portsmouth and it's environs. Especially so as it compliments the existing Centre for the Elderly, a few hundred yards from the Arts Centre.
Lynda Barkaway This is a special one off place to meet, in a lovely building in a quiet place. A more useful day care centre needs to be specially designed and built not take this valuable place and try and make it work.
Dean Clarke This is a highly valuable centre that plays an integral role in community arts activity. Save it!!
trudi harrison Art Is really important
Leasa Jones Art is a healing resource that benefits everyone. It isn't fair to take this away from the people.
Jan Toms This is the sort of thing that we should be proud of and help, rather than destroy.
kai newnham Everything is an art in its own way, I love music and paintings do that's why I'm signing.
Sue Lowday I know how difficult it is to find suitable buildings for Artist.
Peter Sharps This lodge is out of the way and I wonder how many elderly people would use it as John Pounds is so close. I think it performs a very satisfactory service at the moment without any burden on the City taxpayers, and for this reason I believe it should remain as an Arts centre.
Graham Wheatley Not all change is good. Keep this as it is.
Jillox Parkinson Why change something that works?
Rosemary Hart There are.not enough places like this in the area
Anthony Dymock This seems an illogical and short sighted decision.
Kayleigh Oastler It's a useful and loved place that's been for years
Dave Rodrigues A lot of friends and family use this facility.
Amy Thomson I used to meet my mum from work there everyday for a jacket potato (a good one too!)
Blair Breton This is not necessary. Other sites must be available for another cafe.
Richard Howard There are so few quirky places left in Pompey. Let's keep what we have.
Emma Tilbury This is such a lovely tranquil place for people to go in a very busy city. Please let it stay
Kester Westcott Projects like this provide essential space for artists who would otherwise be invisable to the public
Debbie O'Brien "Do I really to need to comment!! Will be a real sad day if this go's. "
Stephanie Maskell I'm signing because the Arts Lodge cafe is a lovely oasis of calm and is popular with all ages and groups. It is unique and would be a great loss to Portsmouth. We should be supporting independent social enterprises of this nature.
Ann Watkins Hopeless venue for old peoples centre..... No parking or drop off point.
Phil Mc Supporting the Arts is very important in a world dominated by rampant capitalism.
Gillian mcquillan I ask that the PCC rethink this decision on the grounds that The Arts Lodge provides a unique service to ALL ages and is the only such project in a very wide area.
Elliott Uzeta Portsmouth needs to retain all of its culture.
Jan Williams It's a popular community asset that everyone should be able to enjoy, young, old and everyone in between.
Kathleen Brown It's a great place to meet great ppl and
ANN RIGLIN Portsmouth has the least amount of cafes in our city centre. All we have are loads and loads of articles relating to the university. Let the Arts Lodge live to cater to PORTSMOUTH residents walking through the park.
Josephine Davis This is somewhere tranquil to visit when in Portsmouth and the cafe does a good coffee
Phil Sandys The Arts Lodge is a great asset to the people of Portsmouth and, as a community space, the council should be supporting it rather than forcing out the people who run it.
Garry Farrell Once again something that brings a lot of pleasure to local people is under threat
Maureen Bailey-Green "I'm signing because there isn't enough individual style coffe bars, cafes, or restaurants ,,,, this Little place is a great place for younger children and I used it many times when my grand daughter was small !!! Too many franchises and too little choice for Portsmouth people !!!!"
Rick Leib "The council will say any old thing. They already have St. James' to put the oldies, - I'm 70 so I can say that!- so please leave the status would as it is and allow a useful business to continue making people like me happy to watch the world go by, and the younger generation do its bit!"
Ian Keetch This oasis of civility is a space for creation and creativity as well as relaxation - Portsmouth needs more of this not less.
Vicky Rogers I believe that elderly residents would prefer to mingle with younger people and the wider community. I am a trustee of a sheltered home for the elderly and know that they love being able to talk and interract with younger folk.
Graham Blunt I proudly support contemporary modern arts in Portsmouth
Richard Coutts This is an essential arts venue for all. The council should be doing more to support the arts in line with cities of a similar size.
karen russell It is important that this non - profit community arts and cafe enterprise is supported and allowed to continue for the benefit of the local community and visitors!
Jacque Cook Spaces where the community, from youngsters to the elderly are able to be together socially are few and far between and should be nurtured. The arts are a great way to facilitate conviviality and friendship as well as to develop and showcase talent. I urge the council to look for alternatives.
Richard Greenwood I am signing this because we need centres such as this, and if the centre closes, there is nothing else in the city that could replace it.
Christopher Reed The Arts are an essential part of all our lives
Aurora Snow I care
Nikita Barford Because I love this place and it benefits to cultural picture of the park.
Sylvia Hahn de Azcueta I think we have enough care centres the elderly in and around Portsmouth
Samantha Wood I care about the continuation of the Arts in the community
Leslie A Probert It is important that old and young can meet in a convivial atmosphere. The Arts Lodge achieves that goal. It provides employment at no cost to the Council
John Bartlett Art is an important interactive aspect of all civilised communities and The Arts Lodge is no exception. Portsmouth has a dearth of such venues and another closure is detrimental to us all.
Jenifer Nicholson A community art venue like this is precious and serves the old as well as the young already. it should be supported not closed
Jo Wallace If it is functioning well for the populace is shoulder supported
Jane Cohman-Mark This is a vital resource to enrich the diversity of what the city offers, both to citizens and visitors.
Ian Moore I am fed up with this government closing and not funding the music and art program like they should be
Neil Spurgeon This is a really important place to stop and the park.
Heather Sinclair Surely it will incur a lot more expense to transform the Lodge into a fully functional establishment fit enough to be a day centre for elderly people?
paul furlonger "I'm local in selsey, we need keep this please post and share and post on selsey news and gossip, population in Selsey 13,000"
Kenneth Gregory The Arts can change lives and inspire. Life without art is grey
helen keay It is important to keep this community venue alive. It is for everyone , not just one sector of the population. we must not segregate the elderly, we need to keep them in a vital cross generational space, for their well being and our understanding. Art enhances ALL our lives.
Dave Jones Best for all as it is !
Judy Whitehead It is so important to keep communities together and to provide support for artists and budding artists.
Andrew Woolley PCC is largely focussed on screwing every last penny from Pompey people to pay for the spinnaker tower cock up,
Donna Bretton Cuts are always to the creative, where is the fun in that! Must we suffer because those in charge think it's all artsy fartsy? Wonder how their houses are decorated and what fabric patterns they choose for the chaise longue, wouldn't it be nice to see the creative of Portsmouth excel in creativity. You get the picture! Nuff said.
Susan Andrews As this is open to young and old I don't feel using this building as a day care centre solely for the elderly would be beneficial to anyone. Old people enjoy having young around to interact with and as I understand it , this is exactly what arts lodge does.
Gail Stewart-Bye Provision for Arts in Portsmouth is already woeful, we should not lose this wonderful venue. This building is also not suitable as a day centre for the elderly.
Elizabeth Downes This is a unique venue in the area, & I speak as an elderly person myself.
Simon Goodall We need to keep our art and art cafes accessible for all.
john healy It's a unique space and adds to the vibrant arts scene in Portsmouth and Southsea
charlene price I think the John pounds centre has an already adequate service for the elderly but young and old alike can use the facility in it's current usage.
Lionel Smith "This is an important cultural resource in a city centre for all. Portsmouth has very few such amenities as it is. The rationale for conversion of the building to a day centre for the elderly is thin to say the least. There are issues of access and fitness for purpose that would need to be addressed . To overcome such problems would be unrealistically expensive. PCC's track record with the city centre is poor e.g . Northern Quarter fiacso so please do not add to the list, let the existing enterprise flourish and seek to meet any day care requirements with a more suitable facility. "
Deena Mary Jones "As a resident of Southsea, I would very much like to go there. It sounds just what is needed for 'stress therapy' and loneliness for people of all ages. Also much needed socialisation around a much loved pursuit that enhances local tourism in accomplished Artwork linked to current Art plans. Now I am elderly, I would much rather go to The Arts Lodge and Cafe, than a Centre for the Elderly which doesn't interest me at all. I am sure that there are many elderly people who would agree with that! This subject to share with others is exactly what is needed, and brings joy."
maria scovell arts are an important part of peoples my opinion it's not right to take away something which is dear to the people of Portsmouth & surrounding areas...there must be other buildings far more suitable to become a home for the elderly...or, is this a try at a cheap land grab by councilors.....
ROSEMARY STORKEY PCC please keep the Arts Lidge for art. There are numerous empty buildings in Portsmouth for a DIFFERENT centre for older people.
Tatjana Volaka Im signing because we love to visit this art place
Jim Page Seems Crazy to close down a successful venture whilst also spending a fortune on the Hot Walls with no published business plan
bridget tuck Looks like a positive destination much like our quay arts on iow. Im Definitely a supporter☺
paul schorn I've visited before and its a quiet Oasis in a busy City.....The Council should promote the place and keep it in use for many years to come..
Lynda Marsh its important to have spaces which support art and artists.
Joleen Tobias It is a lively community space with a great ambience that benefits old and young alike. Why destroy a valuable asset
Lorraine Sturrock There are not enough places in Portsmouth where art is available at this level and this has been a great community facility. It was be a tragedy if this facility were to close
sarah Crosley it is essential for community life in Portsmouth
David Wallace The usual MO for profit minded penny pinching council who'd send Turner's horses to the glue factory and evict Vangogh. Who'd support or vote for these philistines?!
john attwater This unique venue should be encouraged. There are far too few places where mixed age groups can interact with each other . The Arts are a Superb way of actively involving All age groups.
gemma heggs it's a beautiful little place that some people are yet to discover.
Neil Rowe I don't want to give up Victoria park to the capitalists and the winos
Stephen Gorman It would be a crime to take this wonderful resource away from the citizens of Portsmouth. So don't do it!
Richard Morris The city is loosing too much of these lovely little places!
Thomas Whiffen "Multi age Art provision in the community is important "
Philippa Morgan The arts should be kept alive for all
David Ludlam Arts are important. The physical building is important.
Cyril Saunders Minority groups' wishes also need to be considered.
Anthea Hill Firmly believe that all Arts should be encouraged and supported.
hilary rivano It's a unique space in an overcrowded and less than beautiful city. Don't let it go!
Janet Haire The Arts Lodge is obviously of great benefit to the whole community.
Peter Hobbs Why cripple a golden venue for young and old to share?
Sandy Hamilton-Power It's so important to have places to talk and learn. Everything seems to be very hard to keep open these days so please leave this perfect lodge to the people of Portsmouth for their wellbeing.
Michelle cunningham It's a very special place to us as both my husbands mother and grandmothers ashes are scattered here x
jacqui abbinnett because we are loosing too many of these places in Portsmouth !!!!
paul lapham "I regularly us the lodge with my kids and elderly relatives meeting for food and coffee. We love the space and the people who run it. Paul Lapham "
Jackie Lederer The Arts Centre benefits everyone in Portsmouth. It is an invaluable resource and should not be sacrificed in order to make cuts in council spending. Donna get the Tory government to give you more money!
Janet Shaw "More quirky than you Can do fog "
Richard Carpenter Got to keep the heritage in our wonderful City and country
anne ricketts We need an arts space that's central
Karen Ongley-Snook The arts are so important
Lou Rapley I think art is good for the community
Sheila Healey It is important that places like this are kept for the community to enjoy.
Mary Shilstone Position of building, right on a busy road junction, makes site unsuitable for day centre for older people who are well catered for at John Pounds centre. Much more suitable as Arts centre.
Barbara Moody I think its important for lots of people
Dennis Reid We need to protect the arts and encourage its expansion, old people ( and I am one of them) are already cosseted in all sorts of ways.
Patricia Kelly This is an important facility.
Ula Taylor-Reilly It's a landmark ; a charming sight for people entering Portsmouth. the Portsmouth art scene is very poor and can't afford to lose the lodge. Victoria park is also shabby and would b soulless without it.
francis fowler all I have read and seen would suggest that this is something worth saving and the ideals of it are sound and therefore no reason for change.
Grenfell David Art and Culture are more valuable to residents and visitors in the long run than the dubious commercial benefit from a multi-national.
Laraine Nash We need these stress reducing outlets everywhere that is costing so little but offer so much
Stuart Lawrence I am signing this petition as I strongly believe that Portsmouth Council should continue to support all cultural centres and activities in the City, for all ages. I am sure the Arts Lodge continues to provide pleasure to the elderly.
Graham Todd This is a great little oasis and should be preserved for all.
Michael Wenham It adds to the appeal of the beautiful Victoria Park with the monuments, animals, pond and seating on the paths.
BARBARA GEORGE The Arts Lodge fulfills a real need for people of ALL ages, this mixing helps towards a caring society, Art is a great way to bring folk together. It is unique, not much in Portsmouth can say THAT!!
Jane Muir I think it is important to make the arts accessible to a wide range of people. A public park is an ideal place to ensure that children see art in their communities. This is a fantastic resource. Please don't close it.
Susan Dunkason It does such a good service to all
Lesley Millar Big cities lose their soul when they lose places like the unique Portsmouth Arts Lodge. We should treasure quirky artistic venues like this one..
Jhonny calumpita I am signing this very essential and symbolise Portsmouth is art loving city.
Alana Gooding I know the building and it's lovely surroundings very well. I passionately disagree about such a drastic change of use when it has functioned so well through a social enterprise and in its current guise.
Richard Gaskin r.gaskin
samantha alner Sounds like a good place. If it aint broke, dont fix it! Leave it be.
Tim Sheerman-Chase I support art in Portsmouth
SALLY WHITTEN This is a unique community arts venue in a city with little or nil cultural facilities for it's residents.
Jennie Read This is a beautiful place to visit for young and old it is very tranquil please sign the petition and share to keep this
David Todman The arts need support
Gerald Chettleburgh Because it is the right thing to do.
alf t hose people need culture to help improved the quality of life and place to meet people.
Sue Piper It's so important we don't lose the artistic places in our city. I agree that the John Pound centre already provides for the elderly
joanna doe Lots fun family times in Victoria Park, the Arts Centre and Cafe are an afford able asset, please keep it
Billy Holmes "they saved the building from demolition. they pay top rent amount and this leads to the staff regular missing pay checks. they do such great work for the local community it seems wrong to force them to leave "
Martin Palmer The city council should listen to the people of Portsmouth and allow this unique resource to continue to flourish. Many years of hard work has gone into building up The Lodge Art Center and once gone it will not be replaced. The loss would be a tragedy for the city, please don't let that happen.
Roy Guthrie This building should stay as a venue for all ages and all Portsmouth citizens. They do a fantastic job for the community
theresa sanders We need more not less of these enterprises. It's important for building and maintaining communities.
Prue Stodart I think there are few enough art sites in Portsmouth as it is without getting rid of this one. It obviously serves the people of Portsmouth well as it stands.
James Foster From the evidence this appears to be a duplication of the existing facilities and thereforestation unnecessary
Susan Haigh Very important to the community.
Alison Graves This is an important place in keeping the Arts going in Portsmouth
Una Longley I'm signing this petition because we need to keep our art alive
sue hocking far too many of these kinds of places are being closed and they are desperately needed so people can get together and do what they enjoy.
George were this is for local people not some council vanity project like BAR
Michael Thompsett I really think this is an asset and should be kept open somehow .
Lindsay Williams The council have ignored the accomplishments of this group. There are many other options in the City for disadvantaged adults to obtain work experience without closing the Lodge. This seems more about removing a group who are seen as 'a thorn in the side' of PCC, rather than a valid alternative business argument.
Steven Byron PCC have closed enough community centres elsewhere, even utilising one for their own office expansion. The Arts Lodge is a proven asset to all in Portsmouth and should be left alone. there are ample empty sites which PCC could make use of instead.
Barrie Haynes Once these places are gone ,they are never to return and no new facilities ever replace them.
Michelle Seymour It should be saved
Maddie Calvesbert-Sharp An important part of Portsmouth culture.
Rita French I am an elderly person,I would rather have the arts lodge than the day centre. Here is a palce for all the community not just one section.
Yvonne Young I live in Portsmouth, and have spent time at the Lodge. We need an accessible centre for the arts. There is precious little as there is. The city needs to be able to cater for all it's residents. Please reconsider.
mathew goodall Because this has to do with the community. What has Cameron ever done for the community ?
Caroline Gee-Gregory It brings young and old together
Katie Willson The arts lodge is an amazing local resource!
Irene Strange "The Stedfastness and the Loyalty that the ""Lodge"" has provided for the Artists of every calibre as well as the Public is not only a JOY to behold but a solid venue for our ART and support in the community. There are numberous other Cafe's that can be utilized as a meeting point for us Senior Citizens to congregate throughout the City but thisd particular venue ""The Lodge"" is a special outlet for our ART's communities, Us in our Golden oldies and the Young together with out taking away a ' Heart' in our Artistic communities. Please sign to keep the Lodge. Thank you from Irene Strange. "
Trevor Stabb Another example for mismanagement in local government
iain mann our arts {of all kinds) are being kicked into touch almost everywhere as the fist victims of often short termed financial consideration. No nation must ignore the spirits of its peoples, it is part of a national idendity.
Jim Currie Worthwhile saving.
Margaret Ann England The arts are poorly supported and this give so much please to young and old alike, why spoil such an opportunity for the community to come together.
Richard Butland Community projects like The Arts Lodge can be appreciated and enjoyed by all walks of life......
Gill Hibbs Please keep this as it is, a welcoming, and unique place, in lovely surroundings. Trying to raise the rent a few years ago, was bad enough, to take this facility away would be even worse, and would lose something quite special to Portsmouth.
Tania Ingram The Arts and Sole Trader building is a lovely place to visit. Should just be for the elderly should be fire everyone to enjoy
Graham Mitchell The Arts Lodge is an important place for learning and social integration and should be allowedto continue it's work.
Penny Ledger i run inclusive creative events for all ages and abilities and wish we had a base like the Arts Lodge.
warren freedman to small for a day centre
Margaret Bell I think it is a very good resource for people in Portsmouth. There are a lot of old peoples' clubs in the city.
William Paterson I don't trust this council to do what it says it will do.This property is being used in a benificial and unique way so should continue to be used by the community .Looks a site that may be turned into a cafe for a private profit making opportunity not for local or city resident benefit .
Teresa Wilford Art is so important , for so many especially within cities like ours .
Kate Tymms This resource for all community members provides much more than is being proposed by PCC.
Michael O'Neill This lovely building needs preserving and remaining in use as the Arts Lodge surely there are much more convenient sites for a centre for the elderly for example one with easy access for the elderly and their carers!
Roger Addy The same council give Ben Ainsley a MASSIVELY discounted rent on his prime location monstrosity because it allegedly brings 'benefits' to the Portsmouth economy. The Arts Lodge benefits Portsmouth culturally without lining the pockets of some idle rich idiot who also ruins large areas of Southsea throughout long periods of the summer for, from what I have seen, a very small majority of the population.
Dawn Beckley I live in Gosport & find this facility excellent & worth it's weight in gold for the patrons of Portsmouth & further afield.
Caroline hayman It's part of Portmouth art culture that needs investment not cuts!
Alexandra Sard This is part of Portsmouth's heritage and should not be sacrificed in favour of other less important projects
cathleen graham The Arts and crafts centre is very interesting for all ages. Surely there are many places more in keeping with the needs of the elderly.
Linda Vincent Its somewhere i can meet up with my disabled friends
Lynette Veal I believe art has a major place in potrtsmouth
Alida Akers Even though I am from the States I see this all too often. So many folk here say we should be more like the British and respect tradition and take care of the arts. Now I see the tables turned and I respectively request this lovely venue remain as it is...what a charming spot to see when visiting the area and a soulful spot for residents.. Please...take another look at the hidden benefits of such a property.
Carol Beck I'm signing because this is such a lovely unique little place w/ soul and much character. Please help keep it going. thanks carol
jane grace I went to Art College in Portsmouth many years ago and anywhere that encourages and combines art and people meeting up has to be a great place.
Maureen Mellars We need the art space it's a great community place and brings joy to a lot of people. Keep it please
Jackie Grimmett Ii is used by all the community, and is a welcoming refuge from the busy city. It's helped so many that it really needs to stay!
Neil Andrews Art helps the soul and brings life but not money, it needs our support.
stanley knowles I believe in the arts.
Jennifer Walker If Portsmouth City Council is serious about investing in the city's creativity this thriving and successful venture should be allowed to remain in its current location and another venue found for the cafe they plan to run from the Arts Lodge. Perhaps the council could buy the old Conservative Club on Albert Road so the lap dancing club doesn't ruin another of our city's cultural hotspots.
Rachel Parsons This place is needed
Julia Kennedy this is a very important project and should be allowed to continue as these types of projects that fosters good community
Gareth Wood I support small art and community projects because they bring people together in such varied ways. And as a Portsmouth born person who loves the city it would be a shame to lose a venue when over the recent years the city has created much to be proud of after years of living in the shadows of neighbouring towns and cities.
Joan Bateman Not for profit arts venues are rare indeed. What can the council be thinking of?
Jahirul Amin I'm signing because art is important and so is giving back to the community.
Kay Harris Perfect location for a community art centre, in a city that has a strong art's base.
Jane Davies To support preserving history
samantha holman The arts centre provides a wonderful, valuable service to an eclectic range of ages in the local community and offers a real cultural contribution bringing together young and old. Changing its use to a centre for the elderly is an unnecessary, unjustifiable move which will rob the local community of a real gem. Portsmouth city council we pledge that you please see sense and renew the lease for the arts centre.
Rachel Fenton "Cause you would be absolute idiots if you do this. I love art and all the textures and shapes of buildings etc I will visit soon even camp here so its not shut. Resore it and keep it. Failing that turn it into a strip club"
Nicky Martin The arts lodge is one of the few spaces in that area of Portsmouth which displays a truly community spirit, and which provides a very welcome relief to the intensity and corporate dullness of the city. Its loss would be a serious mistake, its character is irreplaceable.
Diane Morris It's an unusual and interesting place to meet.
Misha Sugrue-gee I feel would should save the art centre as it means so much to some people like myself
David Bridge I was part of the Portsmouth creative community during my working life
Nikki Jessiman I'm totally fed up with beautiful, historical and communal places being cast aside because they are no longer a financially viable proposition for councils and other such bodies. This is run by volunteers, if the council was T's to create jobs they could always pay those wonderful volunteers who are already in situ and do it for love!!!
Bruce Parry This is a unique part of Victoria Park and the community.
warwick jacobs "is a small art oasis within a busy city. Makes one pause "
Elsie Worrall I like to use it the people are niece its not the norm they care about people
Maureen vecsei M.s.Vecsei
Frank Lyons Its a wonderful and vibrant place.
Aidan Street I'm signing because I believe whatever Portsmouth council want to do with the building nothing is more important to the society than an independent community space. Art is creativity, the development of the soul and brings inspiration and change. The council has developed Portsmouth magnificently, but this old building needs to stay as it is. It's an island in a sea of development, its beautiful. I guess they want to destroy it to build housing in the park (I know, speculation). Housing is a quick fix and doesn't bring prolonged prosperity, any economist can tell you that. Portsmouth council, you have it all, shopping centres, landmarks and an icon in the skyline. Please leave this little house alone.
Patricia Kelly It is a well used space giving a lot of people pleasure. Also the artists have a purpose and a need.
Jack Brown It's an important part of the park
Terry Ball Art is unique are so is the lodge !
Tiffany Kennell Arts aren't supported enough
kwok chan Save our Art spaace!
Shawdiane Bernard Portsmouth Arts Lodge is a valuable necessity to Portsmouth's Social and educational needs. It is of great benefit to the young and the old of ALL AGES who VISIT the Lodge. Please do not destroy this community by terminating the lease. Many people from all corners of the UK and abroad love the Arts Lodge and would be of GREAT LOSS to Portsmouth Tourists Attraction too.
Mary Leighfield "The arts are nearly always the first areas in which there are cuts. p Places like the lodge are unique and invaluable spaces, for folks of differing ages. Cities need tranquil hubs in chaotic -fast paced-urban settings........ Hence my signature."
pippa macey I think this lodge and the workers are an asset to this city. Iam against the City Councils Plans and support the arts lodge.
David Dixon I know artists who have exhibited there. Have used & will use facility. An important venue for local people.
Maxine Jackson It is a facility I have used and worked with the artists on some good community projects
Jill Humby It important to keep places like this open and available to the community.
paul coey-archer shame on you PCC
sally rumfitt We need to support independent businesses
Alice Lee This is one of the 'true' community led spaces in Portsmouth and the council would be causing detriment to their district by not renewing the lease.
Mel Barnes This provides a great place for friends to relax. Historical building too!
LINDA D. HAZZARD The Arts Lodge is a building of character and much used during the summer as it serves tourism and the wider community. Are we going to erode Art & Soul which there is clearly not enough of anyway. Do not destroy our culture. The elderly are also important but I think a Day Centre would be be served away from such a busy road and noisy traffic. From a Senior Citizen.
Virginia Gibson It's a vibrant and welcoming place for families to see while entering the park and use while they are there, it's also an attractive building unlike many monstrosities in Portsmouth. It has to remain as the welcoming building that it is now.
Scott Kendall This is a wonderfuland unique project and a real asset to the local area. THis kind of thing should be encouraged not endangered
Fiona Nugent Lovely community area, cafe family friendly. Lovely Haven in a busy city.
Pearl Byron It's important to keep the history going
Lisa Heath Arts in the community is of benefit to all.
Rita Phillips I used to work at Portsmouth Uni right next to this building and admired it every day on my journey to work
Debbie Moran Places like this are precious.
Jennifer Leach This place is an absolute gem. It would be a tragedy to lose this beautiful space where many people seek inspiration or just peace and quiet.
Tom Hamilton in this day and age we need these kind of spaces
Raj Choudhury I grew up in Portsmouth and this place is a beacon of positivity in our city. Its fun and unique, in a beautiful setting.
Ewan Proctor Arts provision in Portsmouth is feeble , without further cuts from a philistine council making life worse.
Sherridan Fairweather It would be tragic if this little place closed. It has been there for years and we seem to be losing such lovely little places like this all over the country.
Nicholas burton Portsmouth city council are narrow minded, blinkered money wasters who are killing off/closing everything that attracts visitors to our wonderful city.
doreen barton boyt I too paint and appreciate art in all its forms. There are too few places like the Lodge - It is greatly needed.
James Groves This is a lovely building, and it is nice to stop and have a cup of tea in nice surroundings, why do the council always have to spoil things, it normally mean they can make more money by changing it, the more they get the more they won't, GREADY.
JANET HOLBOURNE This is the ONLY cafe facility in Victoria Park, and serves Everyone, as well as providing arts space.
Wiley Dunningham I am a lover of arts and crafts and believe in the Portsmouth community, which projects like this help to keep bonded.
Kim boxall Art is important to all ages and abilities. Proven to help a person mental health. A essential part of the community.
Charlotte Hutchinson Art is needed
Alan thompson Peaceful oasis for a cuppa and breakfast
Margaret Stretch Let's keep diversity in the city
Margaret Bain The Elderly need somewhere yo interact with all ages and feel a part of the community
Michael Macey I have visited this venue with my wife and Children and was very pleased with the service , the staff there were friendly and great with my children after reading this article I wanted to sign the petition because this place is great and provides a great service to the community.
Louise Broadbent We need all the arts and culture we can get.
Penny Hand Art in Portsmouth needs support! Art and soul traders do great stuff...
Leon Windsor This is a much-loved and unique space in the city, and this decision is wrong because it looks to me like a petty point-scoring campaign by PCC against Art & Soul Traders
Neil Lawson Baker Culture and the Arts bring 85 billion to our economy and are very very important to the well being of a balanced society. Of course this facility MUST remain.
Sandra Churcher "I love the place, nice people, I'm a wheelchair user and love the fact I can take my young grandson there to eat together and he is amused with the toys, It's Portsmouth and should remain as it is for many more generations to enjoy they offer soooooo much to the community!,"
Kathleen Gosden I have spent a lot of happy hours there and have fond memories of it being there since I was a small child a long time ago
Sheena Brown It a fabulous little oasis of calm and inspiration. Our lovely park NEEDS this arts centre that has been so lovingly brought to life by Mark and co! If PCC REALLY cared for the community they would keep this arts centre open for ALL OF US TO ENJOY!!! They closed our other arts centre years ago this is the ONLY truly independent local arts facility open to all! WE WANT TO KEEP IT ...PCC should listen to the electorate not make decisions against the will of the people!
Troy Collings The Arts lodge is one of the only, truely lovely buildings left in Portsmouth. If we keep closing/knocking down all the beautiful building our city will become one of the worst cities in the country!
Patricia West It's a great place, shared by the community!
William Wright Keep the Arts Cafe
sue langton It has been successfully run for a great number of years. The council upped the rent from about £4,500 yrly to about £10,000 a year. The Lodge needs to be what it now is a social hub making money.
Terry Bryant Why is it always the arts that suffer cuts first all the time? Leave them alone!
peter missen I am signing because there are not enough places/spaces for artists in Portsmouth. Mark does such terrific work for the community. Look at the Strand Mural, opened by The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth as an example...
Sylvia Whitmore-Jones Apart from anything else, if this lovely little building was closed it would fall into disrepair. It always looks so lovely just there on the corner of the park and it's so nice to have a cupper in pleasant surroundings.
Svetlana Barford I loving it !!!!!
Julie Perry Why do they want to remove this glorious place without at least stating what we replace it in this unique setting . Or has once again has someone on the council got an eye on personal profit for either themselves or their family at the expense of the people of Pompey!!!!!!!
Sarah Day They always try to stop the good things & use or should I say, waste the money on pointless things/reasons especially chavs & immigrants!
Jayne Wallace As a student in Portsmouth the Arts Lodge was a safe haven for me. Long may it continue. Please Portsmouth CC, find another spot for your plans.
Heather Drake "It is a great space that people have worked hard at to provide a service for the city, especially for art and craft facilities which are so lacking it seems in Portsmouth. It is a space to be proud of and the people running and providing need encouragement to continue providing such a beautiful peaceful and creative space in this noisy, busy concrete jungle where everywhere you look more buildings are springing up. Our children need a nurturing natural space to create as do our adults and to enjoy the park and some company. All the very best to you all and 'Thank you' for what you have given us thus far, long may it continue."
Ben Macmillan I do not feel the arts centre is promoted enough. Prior to this petition I had never heard of it but will consider visiting when I am in Portsmouth. It would be a shame to get rid of something that makes Britain, Britain!
Heather Donaldson This is a wonderful resource which needs to be preserved as it helps so many people.
Jayne Tyler Don't terminate the lease because you want to make savings
Gill Jones This is another idea that PCC has come up so they can tick the box on their 'we're getting people into work' agenda, which we all know it not going to sustainable and only satisfies those you organise it and not the actual service users themselves. So much for the 'valuing people now' agenda.
Brenda Zaaraoui Such a wonderful place.
Susan Partridge Lo me gusto no cambiar
edwin smedley I use it, nice cup of tea.
paul furlonger save it
Thomas Rogers These type of places need to exist. As an artist myself, I find there are not enough opportunities for artists as it is. To network with other artists, to be able to find ways of being involved in projects and to find ways of channelling your creative passion is very important. Not just to benefit the artist but the community as well.
Karen Crawford I think this needs saving for obvious reasons already mentioned in article
Marius Kwint I've enjoyed this haven in the past and the arts are vital to communities.
Sarah Cardus "This is an important place in Portsmouth for the community"
Anji Todd This is an important space, and part of the quirky soul of our town.. which is very quickly becoming generic and soulless... Save our artspace!!
Sarah Wade It's a beautiful place with a beautiful heart. Let's keep our city unique and individual. X
katherine edgar The Arts provide 12% of the uk's GDP, support it Portsmouth council!
Jacqueline Hunt It's a nice place 2 meet up
Fiona Solomon I value social enterprise in my community.
Patrick Attridge Enrichment of life is the way forward for a responsible community.
Cerisa sugrue-gee My 3yr old loves coming here, especially for the toys!
NICOLA CLARK ...such enterprises enrich and improve lives beyond measure.
Sean Ridley When I lived in Portsmouth and when I live there again I visited. Truly unique. Don't take this away from us for purposes of nothing.
Rachel Wilson-brooks This is an art house created by the people for the people it will be a sad loss , that's why I'm signing the petition
Heather Knowles Our council on the isle of wight have ruined our local botanic gardens by a foolish short sighted decision. I hope my signature makes a difference for the Art Lodge.
Stephanie Bottin Better to make this a joint venture rather than isolate the elderly. Care and share through all age groups
claire morris Art has been hit hard enough as it is this is a lovely little centre that I have brought my daughter to many times x
Jim Graham I would be very sad to see this quaint little cafe/venue cease to operate; it is a haven close to a busy city centre.
Adrian Bird This is a well managed and vital independent service.
Caroline Hurst It's a unique place and should be saved. Yes ,the elderly need more day care centres but not at the expense of a site where older residents can go and interact with all different ages.
charlene godden I love this little cafe, I bring my children down here in the holidays and it's such a welcoming place. My 3 year old can play safely while I have a cuppa and my older Childern will sit on the grass next to the cafe eating our picnic. Please keep this open this cafe is the centre point for Victoria Park.
Penny Cooper This is a lovely , unique use of a great building and has a great community spirit and purpose. Leave it alone, change for change sake is never a good thing. Support the Arts Lodge in it's lovely surroundings. Perfect use of the building for the community.
Hilda Green you have enough spaces to put a café for anyone who needs it this a a unique building and is fine as it is stop fixing what is not broken ,leave the arts lodge alone
Mave Hackett It beggars belief that Portsmouth Council should even consider terminating the Lease of the Lodge. These people have renovated the building and made it a very enjoyable experience for those who visit regularly. they've injected life and pleasure into a place that the council had ignored and let lay unused for a long time. If the council really want to have a place available for the less fortunate, perhaps they can find an unoccupied building that's nearer to public transport for those "New" clients, don't steal from those who've already put in a lot of work to make this place popular with so many! Yes, this move does amount to actually stealing from the Arts Lodge tenants! What it also demonstrates is that Portsmouth Council are so desperate to find a place for those they've ignored for so long, they've resorted to this move just so they don't have to really think of the right place for their "new", that means previously ignored, clients. Actually, it's the wrong place for these "New" clients, as it's obvious that they'd need somewhere that's easier for them to access. This petition says it is needed to be a Day Centre for the Elderly, the "News" said it was to provide employment for those with learning difficulties. Whatever is the apparent urgent need for this place, it's not the right situation, it needs to be somewhere more central. The council obviously have no idea of the real benefit this place has been , and still is, for the wider community. Think again Portsmouth Council, properly, you don't try to provide one community group by destroying another!
Kate thorpe I'm sad the arts are being destroyed in this country, we need more not less
Robin Ford I have used this facility
Peter Colley It's unique. It's well-used and well-loved. Why lose something Portsmouth can be so proud of?
lesley bean It should be allowed to continue where it is ! it is needed !
Sarah Hirom this is an important community hub for people of all ages to enjoy each others company.